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  • Money sent! cheers

  •…TP-LINK%C2%AE+TL-POE+150S Ich finde den Hinweis auch sehr hilfreich. Hab so eine Blechblende schon seit einem Jahr herum liegen. Jedoch mein Provosorium (Kurzes Kabel + Stecker) hält noch immer Hab mir das Gerät nun angeschaut (s.o.) und bin etwas verwirrt. Ich finde nur eine DC-Out Buchse und einen Spg-Wahlschalter. (Wär ja praktisch z.B zur Versorgung des Wireless-Empfänger) Beim Eingang steht "Power + Data In" Wo kommt den nun die Power her? Vom Kemper der eh sc…

  • Would like to send money for the dumble - but don't know how much and when

  • Quote from Bommel: “Hey thanks a lot! yes of course i i hope i hav convert it a .wav but i will profile the results with one of my amps so that you just ned to load it on the kemper and take the cab part of it ” Thanks - With the cabmaker it is easy to create .kipr kemper Cabs-

  • Quote from HCarlH: “What I really like about the above mentioned profiles is that, even though I use single coils 90-95% of the time, they sound great for humbuckers with no tweaking on MY end. YMMV. I only use low to slightly boosted output humbuckers when I do so I'm sure that has an influence. ” What I found sometimes with Michaels Rigs. The Rig Volumes are often less then from other vendors. This often gives our ears the impression that they are not so impressive when switching directly from…

  • CK On The Gear Page Today

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    Quote from OneEng1: “I am just happy that he mentioned the Reverb engine and efx management first .... since selfishly, these are my top 1 and 2 "wants ” And he mentioned also that different people are engaged. Maybe they are working for both topics

  • Quote from Monkey_Man: “WAV or .kipr possible at some point ” Yep this is also my question. But general great efforts

  • CK On The Gear Page Today

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    Great news Let's see how long the unpatients will be immobilized.

  • Du kannst im Output den Headphoneausgang mit dem Mastervolumen verlinken und/oder getrennt die Lautstärke einstellen. . Ansonsten ist mir deine Frage nicht klar. Wie laut es ist hängt ja wohl auch von den Lautsprechern bzw vom Kopfhörer ab.

  • It wasn't hard to spend money on suspicion, although I already have tens of thousands of profiles when M.Britt is the author. I wasn't disappointed Directly ingenious are the enclosed performances, which allow to look a little more over the shoulder of the master. I couldn't stop trying yesterday. Ultimately I got a reprimand from my better half that I missed the time when it was better to stop making noise. Great Job Michael!

  • Quote from karlic: “I believe the alternative input was not designed to be used that way when the Kemper first came out and is a noisier source? ” No, but has a different input impedance and rushes a little more with the guitar. It's in the documentation somewhere.

  • A new back up possibility?

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    It becomes smaller and smaller.…CJsYW5ndWFnZSI6ImVuIn0%3D

  • I also think (hope) that Mothership is working on a great solution that will bring the preset management to a state adapted to the possibilities. This will (hopefully) be an editor with which you can also manage the presets like files on your PC. The user interface on the KPA will also have to adapt to the almost unmanageable number of presets without changing the hardware. And then, of course, everything has to be backwards compatible. It's not just a matter of turning the browser or type butto…

  • The trend is towards automated setlists with the possibility of manual intervention. All settings are already defined per song. (From KPA, Mixer, Light, Keyboard to Vocal effects). Changes in a song can be pre-programmed to the beat when using a click track or a partial playback. Footswitches that can call variants of parameters during a song are already possible. (At least I've read that before). For this purpose it is of course necessary that the individual participants in this system also hav…

  • Quote from bshaw92: “Change your setting to not go to sleep and rock on. ” I never had this issue. ! I would ask the support if this can happen. It is not a logical function.

  • Show your latest guitar

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    Quote from nightlight: “For the life of me, I can't figure out why people put strange stickers on guitars ” But they are on a fair position Great found

  • Quote from SQUAREHEAD: “But then I will lose the latest update to fix the tuner, correct? It would just be nice to have a choice to set the volume control display the way you want it… ” You could use feature request to point out your wish. But I'm afraid you will become more vintage before mothership turn back

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    Love your delta devil. Will use as backing for practise. It forces thriftiness. I love it when everything can be said with a few words. Also in music. For me, limitation to the essentials is great art. Chattering is often easier.

  • It made me a little sentimental but I just stumbled across the following song. Prince would have turned 60 in these days, Tom Petty recently died . Young Harrison look like his father in my young days and then this insane solo by Prince. It made my day - maybe not funny but thankfull to have experienced the music of some of these musicians from the beginning.

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