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  • I often try different rigs and tweak them in the browser mode. Is there anyway I can copy an unsaved tweaked rig from the browser to performance slot directly, or do I have to save it as a new rig in browser, then switch to performance and load and save to performance slot from there. I have tried the copy function in browser but when switch to performance does not allow to just paste into slot.

  • So I have read every thread and watched every video on YT regarding the HD 500 controlling the kemper and I have got most of it to work well in performance mode. The only thing I still can't do is get the switches 1-4, which I Use to control stomps to "sync" with the state of the stomp on the kemper in performance mode (it will in browser mode when I set up according to the YT video in kemper wiki, but I want to be in performance mode!). It seems that the pod sends a midi on and midi off, not a …

  • When in performance mode if I accidentally or purposefully use the browse dial it will always replace the slot in the current perfromance with whatever rig i browse to instead of letting me just try it out. I have painstakingly set up slots and then overwritten them so many times now. How can you prevent a slot from being overwritten in performance mode until you are ready to commit to that new rig?

  • Was interested in downloading this and using to control the Kemper. The thread is kind of old so I wanted to make sure that it was still a working version and not a dead project. Can anybody verify still working in windows?