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  • Quote from Sharry: “I would ask the support if this can happen. ” It's not a Kemper issue. It's a Windows/Computer setting.

  • If you have both your computer connected and remote I've had the remote shut down if the computer goes to sleep mode. Might be the same. If it happened once leave the computer disconnected and play for a while. If it does not shut down its your computer. Change your setting to not go to sleep and rock on.

  • Did you have your computer connected running RM or use a different Cat 5 cable?

  • If you use FRFR the benefit of merged is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile. If you wish to switch cabs it is more accurate with the cab removal. If you switch the cabs in a studio profile you will still have some cab residue from the original profile. That may work out great as people blend speakers all the time. You have to decide what you like and use it. Those are the facts (separation points) the results you achieve will drive your decision. It might change based on the am…

  • Option 1 - You would run your speaker out into a loadbox and then line out into the Kemper (No Speaker in the profile) Option 2 - You would run your speaker into a DI box (similar or exactly like the Behringer GI-100. Then plug into a speaker cabinet taking the line out into the Kemper. (No Speaker in the profile). There are other devices but these two would cover the scenarios and you can choose what best works for you. I've tried both. Currently use my Weber Loadbox / Attenuator and then line …

  • Quote from scratch17: “Q1: Does the mic you choose make an audible difference in the profile? Q2: What is your favorite type and brand of mic to make a profile? Q3: What polar pattern do you find works best for profiling? Q4: Have you used multiple mics (and a mixer) to make a profile? Q5: What mic placement(s) do you use? ” A1: Yes. Even the placement of the same mic will have a tonal difference. A2: 421, SM57, Audix i5, Fathead, Ribbon mics with the first 3. A3: Don't even think about it when …

  • You may have already done this, but edit the first one so it has all your data as you want except maybe a couple specifics and then use it to start your next profiles. The data will carry through and you have less to adjust.

  • The profile will match your amp gain setting on the amp when profiled. Anymore, the number of refinements to get a good profile has dropped from the beginning of Kemper time. I usually still refine once.

  • Summer NAMM 2018

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    Don't rule out the fact that he might be going just to stop in at Jack's BBQ.... NAMM might be a cover up.

  • You could also try a DI profile and add that cab. No mic needed. Once you get a mic try both and see what gives you your preferred results.

  • Quote from Burkhard: “Sorry, don't understand what fix you expect from us!? Bridging the iNuke is not our business. ” I don't understand your response. The OP has not mentioned whether he got it fixed. Since I have one of those amps and used it for testing I mentioned that it was not a Y-cable needed, but the connection to the correct pins in the cable setup for bridge mode. That is the fix for the iNukes to run in bridged mode.

  • Don't know if you got it fixed or not, but it will need a single cable with wiring for bridge. You switch to bridge mode but use a cable connecting the pins for the bridge setting and it will make a difference. I had a similar issue/question when comparing to an ISP amp I had. The volume was not hitting what they said. I emailed them and then got a connector and wired it correctly and it worked. It was also more linear than the ISP so I sold it. I now have a powered head, but still have the iNuk…

  • I've uploaded some profiles I did of my Route 66, Ceriatone Jubilee 100 watt, Suprema 55 with 6L6 and Bugera G20 with KT66 tubes. I also added a few dual amp profiles I tried of the Dr Z and Jube Clone along with an Orange OR15 and EVH 5150 III 50 watt head. Interested in what you think.

  • Drum Machine for Looper

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    I would second the Beat Buddy. I've used it live with great success.

  • Atomic Amplifire (Box or A3), or a Character Series pedal or Joyo equivalent. (Oxford, Leeds, British, etc..)

  • What speakers did you use? Are you making DI or just studio?

  • Rivera Quiana Profiles

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    If anyone has one, some DI profiles would be appreciated. I found 3 of which 2 are the same (using different mics). I'm going to be forced to buy one of these and make profiles unless someone helps me out......... I've been itching for another Dumble clone and found some stuff on this amp. Found the profiles and found out that with the EV12 speaker I may be in love. Compared it to my Ceriatone OTS and Fuchs along with the Dumble profiles I have and it's a winner. Wouldn't have known about it wit…

  • Quote from theplayer: “I have to raise faders almost to the max (compared to the rest of the band) where my mixer input gain is allready set to the max before clipping ” I would have the FOH set your mixer channel gain at unity and place your fader mid way on the board then have you adjust your main Kemper output level to where they want you all the time. At that point you have room up and down. I am near the levels @Zappledan has mentioned. About -12 to -14 db with the box engaged. Maybe an upd…

  • Quote from Hallan: “I am the great fan of Celestion’s IRs ” I like their IR's very much as well. They put me in a place where I could find speakers that I really liked with specific amps. I have since gone to Rig Manager and looked for specific speaker/mic combinations based on the IR's and saved the Cabs I liked. I tested these against the IR's and found that I like the Kemper speakers better, in most cases, although the IR's really helped me get what I wanted and I use them on my other devices…

  • Quote from gideonstar: “You could just rename the rigs to 01-xxx 02-xxx and so on ” This is the way you would achieve that in Browse Mode. Once setup this way you could bank up and down as you've noted but you would only see the profile that you are on or initiating. See if View A or B in system changes things for you. There are two view options for the footswitch. If the view change works you can bank between performances and see each profile.