how do I download rigs and profiles onto the USB Stick???

  • I am new to this....when i hover over the bit that says "download" profile and click it saves an approximate 8kb item to a window on my laptop which doesn't do anything...I'm sure I'm doing something wrong - I am rubbish at laptops! Any step by step ideas - I have initialised my USB stick in the Kemper from new! ???

    Many thanks, Rob.

  • Alright, so first connect an empty usb stick to your kemper and then have it formated by the kemper. after that put the stick into your laptop - there should be 3 folders now "OS...", "Shared" and "Backup". Now put the profiles you´ve downloaded on your laptop (those 8kb files) into the "Shared" folder. After you´ve put all of them into the folder disconnect the stick from your laptop and put it back into the kemper again. Now there should be the text "external storage" on your kemper - click on that button and then click on import - then it will import those rigs from the stick to your kemper :thumbsup: