Where can I find the rigs/tones of these famous artists?

  • Hi, I am a brand new Kemper owner. A new bee if you will. Not super technical but I do a lot of recording and use a lots of guitars.

    I know there are thousands of profiles out there and the simple answer would be go through each one and find which one suits your needs best.

    I will do lots of that. But to save a lot of legwork I am going to list several guitarists and their tones. Just to help get me started. Was going through the rigs already loaded...it's quite a process. I do know what I like when I hear it though.

    Perhaps someone would be so kind as to point me to a preset that is already in the Kemper or to a tone that would give me the sound that I want that I could download for free. I would be glad to post some rigs when I get to tweaking because I certainly will.

    Thanks beforehand.

    Here goes.

    Jeff Beck Lead - really the lead guitar sound on "Truth" which is probably some kind of Marshall Stack
    Johnny Ramone - I know he used that 100 watt marshall head. Thundering power chords for punk and garage
    Keith Richrads - Classic Tumbling dice tone, Gimmie Shelter....Great rhythm tone, a little clean a little dirty. That ringing out sound (I know its partially from his cording style.

    Bealtes classic sound - Rain/Ticket To Ride - Harrison's picking sound. I know Beatles used VOX. Many people don't know that they actually used solid state amps for stuff like "I Feel Fine". The Vox Beatles special I think was transistor. So much for ONLY tubes.

    Pete early who sound - Sellout period power chords...I can see for Miles..that sound. Powerful but not totally over driven.

    Steve Cropper - classic R&B tone for crisp chops and his style....probably some kind of tweed fender.

    Byrds - Gotta love that Jangle. I use a RIck 6 string a lot. Rodger uses 2 Jazz chorus amps now and for the past years. I want the original Turn Turn Turn sound. I heard it was through the board with a special compressor. Anyway...they used Fender Blackface amps live back in the day

    REM - More modern Jangle. I know Peter Buck uses the vox AC-30...there are thousands of profiles...which do you recommend.

    Hendrix - Goes without saying. All Along the Watchtower...1st 3 recordings

    Beach Boys - not surf guitar but for stuff like Pet Sounds/Smile. A clean sound obviously.

    Garage Rock - not totally distorted but a big dirty. The Ampeg Gemini 1 and 2 were my favorites.

    New Wave - That twitchy scratching sound used by groups like Split Ends, Rick Ocasic of the cars would be a good one.

    Spirit - insane fuzz tones

    The list will go on and on and I realize certain tones will cover several sounds I need. But with all these tones to choose from its a bit overwhelming.

    I don't need or want a zillion amp sounds...just a good collection of maybe like 20 or even 10 that I can use over and over and not have to tweak the hell out of each one every new project. That said I do work in a variety of genres....but its all rock and pop guitar.

    And I've had every sim and plug in you can name before this....but this is like a whole new level. Right? That's why we are all here.

  • I would say that you could start with the amp/guitar combination that was used to get you in the zone.Sometimes an online search will help with a particular song. As important as the amp are the guitar so basically it's humbucker vs single coils. Check out the Grundy Keller rigs - it will give some examples of how he builds sounds and the important parts within each rig. Also the unofficial wiKPA is a great resource for your tweaking to come. Good luck.

  • Find a part on a song where the guitar is soloed, put that part on a loop.

    Start with a similar rig that was used for the album. Listen to the loop, play through your rig, tweak the eq and gain first, add delay and reverb last. Repeat ad nauseam.