My KPA is crashing when I am trying to load new profiles.

  • Thanks in advance for any help.

    So I have updated my KPA and had downloaded a few rigs like the free ones from TAF and a friend with no problem but I just added a couple from the exchange on to my usb.
    I plug the usb in and get to the menu for import or export rigs. Hit import and it sticks right there. The menu still shows the import export options and nothing moves on the KPA, it does not go to the "this may take a little time" page. I'll leave it here for a bit and see if it does anything.
    I rebooted once but that has not made a difference, the same thing is happening the second time around.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • the profiles are in the directory Shared (inside the USB key) ?

    I think everything is on that key. I have not done anything since formatting it.
    Maybe I should make sure I make a copy file of everying on the key and reformat the USB stick?
    Then only put any new profiles I want to try on there.

    I'm already over clogged on my KPA with crap and have not begun to really weed out the keepers from the rest. :-/