New Rigs Posted: Egnater M4 Modular Preamp -> Mesa/Boogie Fifty/Fifty -> BG412F 4x12 Cab

  • I just posted new profiles of my Egnater M4 Modular Preamp and wanted to explain a few things about them.

    There are profiles of all 4 modules I have: VX (Vox-like, Channels A & B), EG5 (Channels A & B, used by Ty Tabor), MHG (High Gain, Channel A), & SL2x (Like a Modded Marshall, Channels A & B)

    All were run through a Mesa/Boogie Fifty/Fifty Power amp and a Behringer BG412F 4x12 Cabinet, mic'd with a 421.

    The intention of these profiles is to present the raw amplifier, ready for tweaking, just as if you had the amp in front of you. On the Clean profile, I had the gain down as low as I could get it without turning the volume completely off. I added a compressor effect because I love the way it sounds. For all the rest I set the Gain, Bass, Mid, & Treble controls at the halfway mark. On these I've added Tube Screamer effects, turned off by default, but there because it is so commonly used with these types of amp settings.

    The idea was to present the amps in as neutral a state as I could, so they would be as tweak-able as possible in any direction with all the controls, rather than presenting a version tweaked to my liking.

    So when you evaluate these, please make sure you dial them in as you would a real amplifier to find a tone that suits you best. Any feedback on this experiment is welcomed.


  • thanks Axeman,will try them out,were you happy with the profiles yourself? do they sound "right"?

    I am very happy with the profiles! I think that, like the amps themselves, they sound good enough as is to make you WANT to dig in and tweak them. They show their possibilities right away. I must admit I did not do much tweaking myself, but that was because I wanted to see how tweak-able OTHER users would find profiles done this way to be. In my limited tweaking I was easily able to get sounds I really like out of these. My hope is that others will be able to do the same.

    The goal here is profile versatility with simplicity. Profiles that are NOT already tweaked and loaded with effects or studio sound-shaping. More like a real amp that is more of a great blank canvas than a "record-ready" refined sound.

  • so i tried them out now,really like the drive profile,and the clean is excellent,in fact i prefer it to the Dr. Z that everyone is going crazy about.

    Nice! Glad you like those two! Are these both the VX profiles? I haven't tried the Dr. Z clean profile yet, but it has been well received, so I appreciate your compliment!

  • Sold my M4 when I went to the kemper. Will definitely check these out. SL and BMAN were my favorites and hopefully someone will post those up as well.

    That was what I had hoped the Kemper would allow me to do, and now that I have made M4 profiles that I really like, I will definitely be selling my M4 and all its modules. But if these profiles are well received, I may actually buy more modules to profile in this way first!