New Carvin XV-212 (100 Watt Tube Combo) Profiles Posted

  • I just posted 4 profiles of my old Carvin XV-212 100 Watt Combo. It is all tubes (EL6 power tubes) w/ 2 12" Jensen Speakers (not original).

    As I always like to do, I profiled the amp using neutral EQ settings so the range of EQ you can apply is more like the actual amp's range.

    The amp has a great Clean channel that sounds great, even with neutral EQ. But the distorted channel does not sound all that great with neutral EQ settings. These amps came with a 5-band graphic EQ in addition to the usual Bass, Mid, Treble, & Presence controls, and they sure needed these controls to get them to sound good with distortion!

    This amp does well with distortion pedals.

    Anyway, I profiled these with the amp at neutral EQ, then EQ'd the profiles to my liking.

    The profiles are:

    Carvin XV212 Clean: Clean channel. Added a compressor stomp in front, turned off by default.

    Carvin XV212 Bright: Same as Clean, but with "Bright" switch on.

    Carvin XV212 Drive: Distorted Channel with Gain at 5. Added TS Stomp, off by default.

    Carvin XV212 HiGain: Same as Drive, but with "High Gain" switched on.

    Please remember to rate the profiles if you try them.


  • I really like the clean one; it has a glassiness to it that is inspiring!

    Thanks! If you like that clean profile, you should check out my other two clean profiles. One is "Egnater VX A Clean" and the other is "GB 18watt Brit Clean" (both currently 5 stars). The Egnater is from my M4 Modular Preamp's VX module. The GB is a tube amp I built in the early Marshall style.