"Starting Pack" for Beginners: Maurizio70 RIGs, PRESETs and BACKUP (updated to February 10th 2014)

  • LAST TIME EDITED on 2014, Feb 18th

    Are you a beginner with the KPA? 8o
    Are you just started to discover this great machine but still doesn't find an ordering rule among hundreds rigs? 8|
    Do you really want to use the "Sort by Amp" feature, checking all the same Amp Profiles and compare them to choose your best ones without discovering that everyone use a different amp name?!?!?! :S
    Would you like to have the factory Profiles ordered with the CORRECT amp and a great selection of the best quoted profiles from the forum??? :rolleyes:
    Do you wish to have, on top of the already available Stomp/Effects presets, some more from the finest settings used by expert people here???
    And a great collection of cabinets???
    ... maybe you would like also that almost all the rigs don't have big differences in volume each other, that they will not clip, and maybe that they are also adjusted with noise, gate settings and a little bit of reverb...

    WELL, if so ... this thread is FOR YOU !!! :thumbup:

    You can have now some different approaches:
    1) load my BACKUP after have saved your that include all the rigs plus the performances and change the name/owner in yours; this will substitute everything you already have stored in your KPA, so be careful!!!
    2) load the selected rigs/effects importing the single files/directory on your KPA (for this you have the link to a zip file with all the sub-directory)
    3) load on the Rig Manager the Rigs and check them with the new tool (note that presets and performances are not readable by now)

    For a very beginner I suggest to use the first one, you can come back in any moment after have tried my BACKUP. I obviously exclude all the commercial profiles (it took a little bit of work...) but now finally I can share all the work. A note on my use of the KPA: in the Browse Section I have a sort of DataBase of Amp/Profiles where I can enjoy/try an amp or another and where I often study a particular sound or I improvise on a backing track; in the Performance Section I put the tweaked Rigs for specific Artist/Song/Effect ordered by Band/Artist name, and I leave some Performances free to load with Rigs to be used in a LIVE session.

    Here you will find my latest KPA BACKUPs (right click --> save as),
    I advice this one mainly for very beginners who have the KPA still to be discovered, but once again I recommend always to save first your Rigs and make before your backup on USB:

    Here you will find the same content of the backup but in a RAR file divided into sub-directories FREE Rigs/Presets collection (right click --> save as):
    RIGs & PRESETs

    Here you have the Delta Pack from the previous Update on Sept 2013 till now:
    DELTA Pack from Sept 2013

    The content:
    1) Rigs --> around 800 rigs... a collection from the factory ones including all the signature packs, and a collection from the forum sections; note that the first hundred rigs starting with the character "$" are "special" rigs already tweaked with effects, EQ, stomps, ready to use in a song or in a specific context, think of them as an exhibition/presentation of the capability of the KPA
    The TAGs of the Rigs are edited in a way that the Sorting algorithms works well; anyway the original Rig name is often copied in the Amp Comment field to don't loose the original link to the original profile (also original amp creator and other tags are always maintained).
    You will notice that, once you change the owner name on the KPA, no RIG is set as "favorite", in this way you could choose and select your favorites easily and then use the function "Delete All but Favorites" to free your KPA for other import.
    2) Cabinet --> about 120
    3) Stack --> a selection with 200 presets, including some distortion stomps, some Acoustic Amp profiles for Piezo and 20 Bass Amp Profiles
    4) Stomp --> about 200 presets, including a lot of interesting EQ presets, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Wha, Pitch Shifter etc... etc...
    5) Delay and Reverb presets
    6) more and more ...

    The Performances with specific Artists/Songs RIGs are not exportable as single files, so you have to load the BACKUP to see them. They are only examples of Rigs found on the forum and/or tweaked by me, but, as you know, it is always a work in progress... don't expect to find a true library here!!
    I have to underline that this remains a starting point, then you have to choose your own way of managing rigs and presets, but I can suggest all of you "starter" guys at least to try this, for sure you will have some useful ideas.

    Finally I want to thanks all the forum members that share continuously their rigs and amps, as the ideas for sounds and effects settings!!! :thumbup:
    Ask me for any question, I will try to maintain updated as much as possible this thread... compatible with the available time...
    Have GREAT KPA times!!!!

    1) to load various PRESETs (stomps/effects/stacks ect) simply put the ones you want on the SHARED folder of your USB and push "Import"; note that if the presets are already present in your KPA with the same name, they will be anyway imported (the opposite that happen importing RIGs) and you will find in your presets two times the same file (check it to delete one, if needed). At least for the STOMP presets I used the following convention: names starting with capital letters (like "ROT Slow") is a factory preset of the KPA, names starting with lowercase letters (like "Rot Slow90") are presets added by me.
    2) to load the BACKUP use the following steps:
    a) make YOUR backup first
    b) restore my backup on the KPA
    c) enter your KPA name and ENJOY :thumbup:

  • Thanks guys!! Your comments are really appreciated. I put some effort on it ;)
    Waiting for a PC EDITOR/LIBRARIAN ... and after having the KPA for 1 year and half, I finally find my way to use it and organize in a useful way this great invention.

    This can be even more useful for people like me that use to play various covers and genres, different guitars and many different amps with all their unique character!!!
    Consider that all my rigs, my selection and my tweaking was done mainly using Strato, Tele and Les Paul. Hope it can help...

    I just updated the files and added some instructional notes...

  • Maurizio I've said it before, this is absolutely brilliant and usefull . Thanks for all the hard work you put in.
    I'm certainly going to retag my profiles accordingly.

    Just a quick question what is the logic behind the starting letter (sLD Ceriatone HRM50Sol...../ zMT OneStone Lud....)

  • Just a quick question what is the logic behind the starting letter (sLD Ceriatone HRM50Sol...../ zMT OneStone Lud....)

    [Blocked Image: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56839802/_EFFECTS%20PATCHES_/_KPA_Files_/KPA%20NamingConvention.JPG]

    In the “Sort by Name” view the rigs are ordered basically by GAIN category divided in
    CL (clean); CR (crunch); DR (drive); FZ (fuzz); LD (lead); MT (metal)
    The first character of the string name is only to take advantage of all the alphabet letters and easily jump between rigs using the arrow keys…

    Than they are followed by the AMP Factory and by AMP name abbreaviated.

    The last characters are to discriminate similar amp: sometimes I put the different cabinet used (so for example “FEN Deluxe 1x12” vs “FEN Deluxe 4x12”, sometimes I used the letters BR / ME / NE to indicate the more suitable pickup (BR=Bridge, ME=Meedle, NE=Neck) other times I use SC (Single Coil) vs HM (HumBucker).

    In my previous method the name was structured first with the AMP name and then with the GAIN category, but this for me was overridden from when we had available the “Sort by Amp” view. Anyway, once we have the baseline, any method can be good, and anyone can just spend a couple of hour and renaming the rig as he want ;)
    Note that the KPA have some issue in showing correctly the order name in some views. Also changing view the pointer to the actual rig is lost. The developers are aware by these and are working to solve them in a coming release.

  • All I really need to save and reload is one performance and my purchased rigs.
    Is there a way to re-load just performances?

    No, there is no a quick way to save/re-load a performance till now.
    The only method is to use the "Store to Pool" function pressing "RIG" from Performance Mode, copy the rigs from Performance to Browse and then manage them from the Browser, saving to USB and reload after.

  • The only negative thing I can find about the unit is that it's easy to get lost with so much choice. The fact that I've added so many Amp Factory profiles (which nearly all make me smile) doesn't help ;)

    I agree ... TOO MANY good profiles to deal with ;(
    The Amp Factory ones are incredible, a great percentage of them are very usable. But, especially for beginners, I really suggest to give a first deep look to the forum and the factory ones, maybe starting with my selection, because you will find incredible tones, that have nothing less than the Commercial ones. In this way one can better choose what to buy and what is really missing for him...

  • Grazie mile Maurizio!!!

    There are indeed literally thousands of rigs to try and so little time for many of us, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and end up feeling that "kemper time" is like a chore... I mean, you know you have to arrange your rigs, sort them, rename them properly, build your performances but you never seem to find the time... Your contribution is a real gem, you just flattened the learning curve to start enjoying the kemper.

    I sincerely thank you sir for your effort, generosity and commitment to this community.

    Keep up the great work!!!!