Is there a way to use one expression pedal to control volume and wah? I have limited space on my pedalboard.

  • I bought a mission engineering sp-2 to control pedals 1 & 2 on the Kemper to control wah and volume but it seems when they switch the volume goes to 0 and the tuner mode comes in when using the wah. Is there another way I can use this pedal or another to control both volume and wah in one pedal? Any help is greatly appreciated?


  • There no need for the SP2 switching pedal to do what you want with the kemper.

    The kemper will automatically switch between Vol and Wah if you select it to do so.

    So a single expression pedal is all you need.

    What yoru trying to do wont work switching between pedal input 1 and 2 as far as I can see.

  • From the Manual

  • Hi tonemasterus,,

    I have a sp-1 and was hoping for the same thing.

    With the link pedal feature I thought it would be possible but alas I could not get it to work, I think this feature is for pedal connected via a midi foot controler, makes sense as its in the midi settings I guess.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and some one will step in to correct me as it would suit as a simple solution for certain things.

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  • Yeah I was hoping this would be the solution! All I want is to be able to have the WAH and volume on one pedal like a Boss GT-8, Pod HD500, and have the toe switch switch between the 2. Those other products are so rudimentary in comparison to the Kemper, but their control works? So I guess i will need to have 3 expression pedals now: 1 for Volume, 1 for Wah, and 1 that I use to control my wet/dry mix for my pedals in the loop. I wish we could have the option to use these Mission Expression pedals?