A boogie in the morning..... nice, brandnew profile from Armin (Soundside.de), Egnater Tweaker 88

  • I never heard of this amp (Egnater "Tweaker 88") before, but I like the sound very much, it's very different from the most amps I know. Nice warm tone, "cosy" low mids and it's just fun to play the profiles:

    - Twisted Boogie (Egnater "Tweaker 88")

    There's just one profile I used for all guitars: ET 3 15 121212 tbcm

    Like always no editing, eq, compressor or anything else, just some reverb and delay from Cubase for the lead-guitar, the rhythm guitars are dry. The guitar I used on all tracks: Fender '66 strat (everything original except new frets).

  • Great - I love the ZZTop vibe at the beginning ... and all the rest :)

    It's a very versatile amp and I like the Egnater's fat sound with warm, deep mids. Don't forget: it's just a strat with a single coil, not a '59 Gibson Les Paul played through a battery of amps.... ;)

  • Out of curiosity and desiring the best set up for my strat.. What are you clean sense and dirty sense settings?

    Please and Thank You!

    I used my Fender strat from '66, everything original except new frets, bridge singlecoil on all tracks.

    The only profile I used: ET 3 15 121212 tbcm

    KPA: Clean Sense 5.0 / Distortion Sense 0.0 / KPA direct into my RME Fireface 400 (channelstrip bypassed).

    Important for the sound of the rhythm guitars: they are played with fingers, not with a plec.

    By the way: my name is "Guenter", "Haas" is my family name (please not "Hass", this means hate.....).