2.1.1 volume died on me tonight at gig

  • Peeps, I updated to 2.1.1 earlier today before gigging tonight. All was well until half way through the second spot when I experienced a massive drop in volume just as we finished a song. I rebooted the Kemper, everything seemed ok until our final song when the volume totally disappeared, I am going out of the mains to pa and an onstage monitor via KPA monitor output, both had no volume from the KPA, I rebooted but still no volume. This is the first time I have ever experienced an issue with my KPA since I bought it in January earlier this year so wondering if it is a bug with firmware 2.1.1. I've just got back home from gig so haven't had a chance to roll back Firmware etc, will let you know tomorrow when I do.

  • This little bug as been a problem for a while. I know the CK has acknowledged it in lots of previous threads. I've had this happen a few times. Hopefully it will be sorted soon

    This little bug as been a problem for a while. I know the CK has acknowledged it in lots of previous threads. I've had this happen a few times. Hopefully it will be sorted soon

    Is the bug in 2.1.1 ?

  • I've been using 2.1.1 for a while now and have not had it happen as of yet. It would mostly happen if I was browsing through profiles fast with the browse knob

    yes, this occurs sometimes while browsing profiles very fast..when this happens on your LCD screen you see tuner mode.. in the right corner (up) it reads: "volume pedal to max" (or something like that) so press the soft button above (button number 4) and volume is back immediately.. :)

  • Guys, this happened to me whilst I was in the middle of a gig, I wasn't scrolling through rigs or anything and the volume just cut out. Not good at all. I'm in a pro covers band and can't afford gear going down halfway through gigs. So I take it, it could still happen if I roll back to a previous FW ?
    ps. Plugged into KPA this morning for a few hours and everything seemed to be ok with 2.1.1. Frustrating !

  • I have had (and still have) this issue from time to time, therefore I have been following the various threads in which this issue was reported. It seems that there are at least two different situations:
    1) When browsing through cabs / stacks / cabinets with the browse knob fast and autoload is engaged, the KPA sometimes goes to zero output.
    2) Sometimes in the middle of simply playing a profile, the volume drops to about half or is totally quiet.

    I guess it's hard to track down the problem, because it seems to occur randomly. To me it's not that big problem, since I mostly use the KPA to record. For a primarily giggin musician, it's a different story of course.
    The last time the volume dropped on mine, there was at least the soft button option (set pedal volume to max or something like that) that helped me and I could avoid a restart.
    This definitely is not connected to a specific FW. I have had this on all the FWs and I have updated with every beta / and release (since 1.5 I guess).

  • That's great info, thanks. So if it goes down in the middle of the gig, where's this soft button option your talking about ?

    This option only appears in the menu when the KPA "thinks" that the volume (pedal) is set to 0. Then there's an option on the display that says "set pedal volume to max" or something like that. Press the respective soft button and you're good to go.

  • This is bad.
    Sorry that happened to you buddy.

    I have a couple of proyects going on that will soon be ready to work. I have prepared a rack with the KPA and the G-sys, but I am very concerned with what I hear.
    It has never done this to me, although Ive had other issues,
    I havent used it live yet but the thought of it happening in the middle of a gig is frigging horrifying. ;(

  • Thank God I found this thread. I'm a gigging musician and this happened to me last night at a gig. My keyboard player does our live sound on stage and during a song my volume dropped considerably. I gave him a few nasty looks as I thought he had turned me down lol! I feel now that this has been happening not only on this current FW (2.1.1) but on almost all previous ones too as I gig extensively with the Kemper. Sometimes I've thought it was a bad cable, or simply blamed my ears for playing tricks on me. In almost EVERY gig for god knows how long, I've felt the need to increase my main output level to give me back the drop in volume during songs.

    The other night I was playing in my house using the headphone output and while I was playing the entire sound dropped out and all I could hear was the reverb of the profile. I put this down to the headphones I was using but I'm almost convinced now it's the Kemper.

    For me this is a very serious thing as I'm a professional gigging guitarist and this problem is NOT good! I hope Mr Kemper and the team notice and solve this problem ASAP!!

  • Wow, this is scary bad news for gigging musicians with the KPA (and I'm one of them).

    I had this happen to me at home, but I assumed it was because I was scrolling through profiles too fast.

    Please, please, PLEASE fix this Mr. Kemper. I have a gig this weekend and I'm a little afraid to use my KPA for the show.

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