MB Dual Recto MW profiles

  • Hi Björn, the profiles sound KILLER, but when i load them i have to put a lot of treble and presence on it, because they are very "muffeld". I am wondering about this, because in the amp section the definition is up to 9,3. Is it a big difference when you profile and the definition is setted to 5,0? I think from this parameter it is enough space to clear it up when you into the 10.0 direktion. So my settings for make it sound good for me after download:
    Guitar = Jem v7wh
    Amp: HK lucas nano 600 watt system
    Input dist. sence: 5,0
    Presence: +3,6

  • BTW:
    I checked the TS ME07 and the TS ME07-2.
    I cant hear any difference

    Hi Eltzejupp,
    Thanks for your feedback :)
    I am mostly listening in my Yamaha studio monitors, (HS80M and HS10W sub).
    In my ears they are not so very muffeld but maybe we have different taste :)
    I have different guitars when I am testing my profiles,
    (Ibanez Prestige 7 string with SD pickups, Ibanez Premium 6 string with Dimarzio pickups, VGS Soulmaster Evertune 7 string with SD pickups and one VGS Stage One Evertune 6 string with SD pickups).
    I made a test with your setting on profile TS ME07-2 and in my monitors and ears the result was very "bright" instead :)

    About the profiles there is no big difference but I can hear a tiny diff.
    If you think of the ST profiles as "Master" and compare those with the merged one, in my ears the profiles named -2 are more like ST profile.
    Maybe you can hear that more clearly if you compare the one named "DRect GrCl TS ST0n" with "DRect GrCl TS ME0n" and "DRect GrCl TS ME0n-2".
    I thought I do a test cause I read somewhere in a thread that you get best result if you don't refine the DI profile, but in my opinion you get a more accurate profile if you also refine the DI profiles.
    But that is just me, I am no pro :)

  • These latest Profiles are brilliant, thanks Bjorn.

    Now someone please explain to me how you identify a "merged" Direct Amp Profile from a Studio Profile???

    Thank you Guitartone :)

    I don´t know if I understand your question correctly?
    But if you first make a Studio profile, (amp + cab + mic), and then a Direct Amp Profile (amp), copy cab, (cab + mic), from the studio profile to DAP profile and save it as a Merged profile.
    Then Studio profile and Merged profile should sound identical right?

    What I did in my little test is to see if the result is more identical if you refine or not on the DAP profile.
    My result is that they sound more identical if you refine the DAP profile.

    Hope you understand what I mean for my English is not the best :)

  • No no, what I mean is, on my KPA without using rig manager, how do I know/see on the screen if a Profile is an old one from 2 years ago or a new Direct Amp Firmware 3 Profile?

    As far as I know there's no way of telling.