My 1st posting!! Not a user/owner yet..

  • Hi everyone,

    Well I think this Kemper is the system I want to move to. I'm trying to simplify and lighten my weekly setup. So I'm mainly wanting it for use as a live rig to cover all styles competently and have my tones set where I can have good consistency week to week, place to place. I think I want to go with the Original "lunchbox" type head and not the rack unit. I'm just unsure of whether to go w the powered Kemper amp, or an outboard power amp and cab, or the full-range powered cabinet approach?? That's really my holdup moving forward with a purchase. I do own a super nice Nexo PS10 system I have a feeling would work well with the Kemper amp..? Otherwise I'll continue reading and searching this forum, but if anyone would care to do a comparative breakdown of the differing approaches I'd appreciate it. Like I said I know I want the non-rack head but that's where my certainty ends..

    Jason G in Amarillo, TX

  • I'd support the CLR choice. By far better than their price, the active version has the plus of the internal DSP and of an optimization between the poweramp and the loudspeakers.

    I bet you will not feel the need to ever go back :thumbsup:

  • OK so toaster it is... makes me think Battlestar Galactica. Haha. Ok I looked at the CLR and that's an extra bite at the pocketbook but if it's as great as everyone says I could do it. I do think at this point I'm completely decided on a non-powered toaster head and direct to PA and/or w a small powered wedge. Are many of you running a pair of powered cabs.. for either stereo use or as a personal monitor/sidefill stage monitor for the other guys on stage?