Franz Plasa Rigs

  • Hi there,

    I just downloaded Franz Plasa's Rigs and I really don't get the smile out my face! Especially the Fender Rigs and the Bluesbreaker is pure music. That's the sound! I'm not into the heavy gained stuff (can't tell them apart as it were) so I am very pleased to be offered outstanding clean sounds and exeptionally good crunchies! Some of them need a bit more volume imho. That can be done with a pure booster in the "after amp" section - really nice trick Mr. Plasa! - or a graphic default eq as done by andy44 with nothing tweaked but the volume up to taste.

    Thank you Mr Plasa and thanks to C. Kemper for handing us down an early christmas present.

    J. Thomas

  • I couldn't agree more. When I first got interested in the KPA, the Plasa Profiling sessions were among the first demonstrations I watched. I was really hoping for the profiles to be published - and now that they are here, here's what I think:
    1. Very un-bassy and that's a good thing! As many have noticed, many profiles are very bassy - I guess that's what you get when you try to make your guitar sound good on its own - however, in a band context or in a recording situation, you spend too much time trying to get rid of it.
    2. In some of them, the definition is way (!) too much for my taste - but this is easily fixed to your liking.
    3. The Vibro King is among the best Fender tones I have heard in my KPA.
    4. Apart from that very tasty crunch and clean tones!

  • Franz Plasa is one great producer and a connaisseur of great guitar tone.
    I like his work very much and he's from my home town. :)

    It's true that some of the profiles are very bright sounding and I have no doubt they will cut through a mix fine.
    That said, I feel the Orange amp is a little overdone in this respect. It is so bright it nearly rips my face off playing them at medium volume over the CLR's.
    Also I had hoped that some of the amps, especially the AC 30, the Deluxe, the Bassman and the Bluesbreaker would have been profiled at different gain settings.
    And I also had hoped to find some multi-amp profiles that Franz Plasa is so famous for. Maybe later?

    But I don't want to come over like complaining.
    Thank you Kemper and thank you Franz Plasa for offering this!!

  • Haven't had a chance to check them out yet but a big THANKS to the guys at Kemper for providing us constantly with rigs from professionals! And also thanks for not only going the metal route ;) Though the Lammert rig pack is truly fantastic but I'm confident that those profiles will not disappoint as well.

    Also is there any chance of a rig pack by Trent Reznor/NIN and/or Sean Beavan as you are in touch with them?

  • I gotta feeling that there is only love for Metal in this board. As soon as some heavy profiles hit the street there is pure mayhem and 15+ pages of worshiping per thread.

    Now we have 8 really great profiles of some rare amps (even the Personal-Jesus amp itself) and there are just 7 replies. ?(

    Don't get me wrong, I'm more a metalhead myself and I just love breakdowns, shredding and all the heavy stuff, but I can't help myself playing the Plasa Oranje Amp for two days straight.
    This isn't a critique, just my personal feeling. No hatin' in here :):)


  • Partially OT, I've noticed in the years that on every forum were the Profiler was discussed the "other kinds" of profiles always appeared richer or better represented than the genre members liked most there.
    On every genre-specific forum, in these years (and this was true specially in 2011-2012), the most popular question has always been "this device sounds very good with (insert whatever kind of sound (cleans, crunch, extremely distorted and the like) members were not interested in), but what about (insert the most favourite kind of sound)?"
    Curious thing :)

  • WOW!

    This pack is top quality. The Breaker and the Rivera Mars are awesome gain profiles. Just sound so much like a cranked amp. Man-O-Man. The D'Luxe Rev is a great clean profile. Just great profiles.

    Two really great rig packs in Oct 13. Some of th best profiles out there. Thank you Kemper Team.

    The Kemper Profiling Amp is the best musical invention since the Electric Guitar and the Marshall Amp .

  • Everybody should have a look at the video (well - it's in German so probably not easy to understand for everyone). Frank Plaza tells us about his way of recording. He says at some point in the video that he starts with the signal going through all these amps which then are routed into his mixing desk. In the course of working on a track, he might get rid of one or more amp signals, but in most cases he has got more than one amp active. Thus, he shapes his sound as a combination of various amp tones. In this context, the "sun" profile makes a lot of sense, because it can add a lot of warmth to other profiles. When you audition these profiles, I guess you must keep this in mind.
    Also take into consideration what Ingolf has mentioned: These profiles were mostly created for a Les Paul type of sound. Thus, with a strat or tele type you will need to adjust the EQ (and to me defnitely also lower the definition on some of the profiles).

    As for the question of whether high gain profiles are more important because users demand them: It might turn out that way, because I believe that most professional users are more likely to profile their own rigs. Yet. I hope that the feedback on "less gainy profiles" doesn't reflect the majority of users. But even if the number of less gainy profile packs stays the same from now on, there are so many very good profiles (mostly factory profiles) that it is hard to pick one for recording or live. The old dilemma: We all want more options to choose from - and yet, the decision process is much harder than in a situation in which you have two amps.

  • A really Serious & pro pack , very tied to the studio owner way of working. I took the time to test the Fender D'luxe and The 59' bassman with great results , I had to tweak extensively and try several cabs ( 2x10 open , closed ...) to fit different guitars & styles , but it's really worth it, I could save 3 great rigs for strat , tele & Jazz box out of it.

    Thnaks to FP & kemper Team for providing the pack :)

    Is The Sunn a bass amp ?

  • These defiitely need some tweaking, most of all the Orange, but I love them. Especially the Bluesbreaker and the Rivera Marshall made me just jam out for a couple of hours. :)