Till´s Chimera Pack ( Till Schleicher )

  • My dear Kemper friends,

    today is a very special day for me. It has been quite a while since my last update on my profiles and the cab pack for which i got so many nice words from you. Over the last year, i have been busy trying new things, experimenting a lot and hopefully creating some great new tones.

    Today, i would like to introduce you to my brand new online shop and web page . As a complete web design noob i probably never would have been able to this alone so i wanna thank my friend Winni, who is also known as "labrat" here on the Forum. I think he really did a great job and helped to get things started.

    I am also proud to present to you the brand new "Till´s Chimera Pack " that i have been working on for the last months. My goal was to create something universal that fits a lot styles from moderate rock to brutal metal. Instead of single, raw amp tones you get a collection of multi tube amp/multi cab/multi microphone setups. Just like the big names in rock music production mix their amp setups, the idea behind this pack was to use the benefits of each component in order to make something bigger out of it.

    Making this pack was really an insane amount of work, but in the end, i am very satisfied with the results and i think it´s time to make this available as my first commercial profile pack. Please check my page for further details and some audio samples.

    [Blocked Image: http://www.tillschleicher.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/IMG_2399_SW_cut2.jpg]

    For all the lovers and supporters of the free "Till´s cabs" i would like to make a "limited time introduction & promotion offer" :Buy the new Chimera pack and post a little review in your favorite Kemper related Forum (German or English language) and get a pack of 21 previously unreleased cab profiles for free!!! Just send me a pm in the Kemper forum or send a mail to “admin [at] tillschleicher.com. Please include the link with of your review and your mail address. The bonus cab pack will then mailed to you as soon as possible.

    I´d really love to hear from you and wish you a lot of fun with my profiles.

    [Blocked Image: http://www.tillschleicher.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/chimera_amps3.jpg]

  • Awesome. Been waiting for someone to really put a nice package of blended/mixed profiles together. I reviewed the entire site this morning and listened to all the clips. The sounds are amazing and truly what the community needed. The profiles are spot on and will move quickly to the top of the list in anyone's set of favorite profiles.

    Thanks again Till for all your hard work and these great profiles.

    p.s. I will post clips of them in use soon.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

  • Very nice Tyler. This pack deserves a proper review and I will try and get one here for you here in a few days (even though I want those extra cabs now). There is just too many good things to quickly flip through them and give a quick review. I want to try different guitars and speakers and styles because I hear so much potential in a bunch of them. Some pretty tight ones too, so I'm going to try some 7 and 8 sting riffs too. I did try out a bunch of cabs with other rigs and it made a lot of them really appealing. Bad thing is now I am going to have to go and re-review a lot of rigs I got rid of because these cabs will probably now put some of them on the keepers list again.

    My ears are overwhelmed so I am taking a break so I can go back at it with a fresh perspective later on.

    Could I ask why there are so many people that profile the 5153? I like the profiles, just wondering why the preference over the 5150 and 6505 for so many people.

  • Thanks a lot guys. I must admit that is all pretty exciting for me. :thumbsup:

    Unfortunately i forgot to note the exact details for some of the setups in the heat of the battle (what a noob). When starting the work for this pack i never imagined the pure amounts of profiles and the time it would take to do this. Most of the amps that were used can be seen on the photos.

    Marshall JVM 410H
    ENGL860 Rackhead
    Diezel Herbert
    Mesa Recto
    Marshall JCM 800 2210
    Rivera M-100
    ENGL 820 Poweramp
    Johnson Millennium JM250

    After all, i thought it might a refreshing idea to move away from choosing tones by amp brand but to simply let your ears decide. From all 24 multi setups i cannot pick a clear favourite and it varies from day to day. Every guitar player i had in my studio for testing these picked different tones, which is a good sign to me...

  • Thanks for the list of individual amps.
    I understand your intention not to disclose the exact details of the Multi Setups, but since you're the first to provide this kind of profiles (professionally) I would have been curious. :)

    One more question though:
    I noticed that your JCM 800 2210 has an extra knob. May I ask what kind of mod this is?


    PS: Kleiner Tipp für dich. Kritzel doch den Link zu deiner Website oder zum Profile Catalog in deine Signatur, so wie ich die wiKPA.org Seite in meiner Signatur habe ... automatisch bei jedem neuen Beitrag. :)

  • Thanks for the hint Martin... and you´ve pretty good eyes :P Yes, the 2210 was modified by an amp guru who put an extra boost control in there.

  • Hey Till , just purchased the pack but nothing to my e-mail yet .. no download link etc....

    You´re right... don´t know why... please check your mail if you got it now... It not, please drop me an e-mail.

    Thanks for buying... :thumbup: