Mainstream Rock

  • That song was in the drawer for over 15 years or something. I don't think it is one of my best songs but I decided to finally record it. I think I went over the top with the Brass section together with piano and organ but sometimes it is just fun to add layers to a song.

    I had the guitar riff already when I went on holiday in the south of france and then wrote the rest of the song on the front porch of a nice french house with a bottle of red wine. Looking at the lyrics I'm not really sure if the wine was that good ;)

    Guitars are all Kemper, there's the Vibroverb from Ampfactory on the left channel and the 67 JMP on the right (that was one from Andy's very early free pack). Unfortunately I have no idea what I used for the solo. Usually I keep notes of all the profiles I use with the notes-function of Cubase - but not for that solo. It could be the Andy's DG Hiwatt as I was experimenting with it during the recording, but I'm not sure. The Flanger on the solo is a real Electric Mistress in front of the KPA.

    Guitars are all my Les Paul R8 with Throbak SLE101+ except for the solo which is my MJT Strat with PU's from a german luthier (actually custom wound Häussel).

  • Great & happy stuff, beeing french I cannot understand all the lyrics , are you the singer also?
    reminds me Quadrophenia by the Who at first listen.
    cool & very rich production , the guitars are great , I like the lead sound.
    I can advice you for good wine :)

  • Very Who-esque indeed. Good stuff!
    Personally I would have opted for leaving out the brass section and giving it more of a rough edge guitar wise. And the singing in the higher register is a bit too flat a few times.

    The brass section actually came in when I heard the '89 live album of The Who. They had more or less Townshends band from his solo-tour featuring a huge brass section on stage. And it was so much fun arranging that section.

    The vocals are only the guide vocals and the first take, so I didn't have material for comping out the mistakes. I was actually going to record the final vocals last weekend but my beloved Neumann CMV563 died on me. So I couldn't do it and had to live with the flat notes. I could have fixed it with Melodyne but since the vocals are going to be redone anyway I skipped that work. I will do the final vocals when the mic comes back from repair, whenever that will be.

    Funny enough I still remember what wine it was: "Fleur du Midi". I think it is a very basic and cheap wine but we were students then and needed to save every penny.

    Meanwhile I'm more into Bordeaux although I won't mind an occasional Burgundy. I can't afford Latour and the likes, the prices went through the roof in the last 10 years, but there are some very nice 2nd or 3rd GCs that don't cost an arm and a leg.

  • Ah you mean the Face The Face tour with the Kick Horns, right? That was an awesome band!

    Let's hear the song with the final vocals and don't wait another 15 years. ;)

    Yeah, Pete took the "deep end" band, added Roger und John and then toured with Tommy. The resulting live album was "Join Together" and was mixed by the great Bob Clearmountain, one of my mixing idols. You can learn so much from that guy.

    I promise it won't take 15 years to record the vocals but the repair of the mic can only be done at the Gefell factory and if it really is the capsule as I assume then they would make a new M7 capsule more or less by hand. That mic is 50 years old and pretty much a poor mans U47, so it will be worth the wait and the repair. But it will take some time (and serious money...).