Quitting because 21st century :p

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to initiate one more discussion about this.

    I've been watching lots of people dissatisfied with the Kemper because it has no interface/Editor. USB is another less frequent reason...

    I love my Kemper but here's my very briefed conclusion: In 2 days, we'll be living in 2014... And, even though I can live without an interface and USB, Kemper will always lose costumers or possible costumers because of the lack of an Interface/Editor, USB.

    I see people migrating to Axe FX or even to BIAS/Jam Up.

    In a world where things are more and more portable, convenient and accessible. Kemper with it's USB formatted drive will stay behind his competitors. I believe in the gear I use and I want Kemper to thrive as they can and, IMO, should.

    No one, in this century, wants to download tons of free rigs (without even hearing them!), put them in a USB drive, plug it in Kemper and, only then, test them.

    Rant over... The (WIP) foot controller is good progress!


  • Errr... You're right.
    But this has been stated umpteen times before in just as many threads.
    So personally I don't see many reasons for more discussion.
    It's all been said.
    Only not done yet. :D

    Only not done yet. :D

    That's why It's worth the ongoing discussion. It has been discussed but I still see people moving from Kemper to an alternative. And... It saddens me. ;(

  • An audio interface function is not planned and won't happen according to Eng. kemper. I don't need any either, for example. The Profiler has been meant as a professional device, you're supposed to own an audio interface. YMMV of course :)

    OTOH, many people are dropping the Axe for a Profiler as well.


  • For sure i don't miss the USB audio interface feature. When i go recording i use my firewire focus rite and when i go to some studios they have their own gear, so it would be useless for me.

    I agree with the OP about the missing of and editor and librarian.
    It's very boring to import 20-30 rigs, try them and delete them manually.
    I know that this can be avoided by saving them as favorites and then delete all the residual stuff, but a real time action would be the best option imho.

  • Also, if you Just skip through all the amps each time you turn it on, they it's kind of a toy to you in a way.. it's addictive yes to keep downloading all the profiles.. but it gets better with time and you cut back a lot and keep your favorite amps in there.. who in real life had even 10 amps at hand.. I think it's our problem if we can't control ourselves :)

  • There's things I'm not crazy about, like S/PDIF Master versus Slave or what's been said above but in the end, none of the best amplifiers out there have them either! So for its function as an amp profiler it does its job pretty good. I get better tone than any other digital product that I've previously used and am getting adjusted to its workflow. And I don't need a million rigs; just a few outstanding ones.

  • Well...

    21st century is not a good argument in any debate. Kemper has a done something unique about the profiling algorithm and they are in a marked where it is a lot of development going on, so the marked is still premature. I could easily say: "Why (in the 21 st century) does people still use stompboxes, stompboxes does not support presets and its very time consuming to walk to the shop and buy a new one if I want to find a new overdrive sound". I think Kemper actually has solved that problem... :-)

    I agree that it should be a way to organize and edit all the rigs in the Kemper in a more convenient way. Hopefully the Kemper team will find a way to solve this. But the most important thing for me is that the Kemper actually sounds great. I think the main idea for the Kemper is to sound like a guitar amp, not be a amp-demo-browsing-machine. I browsed a lot on the Kemper the first days, now I have found my favorite amps, so now a play and tweak, not browsing amps... How many amps do you need for a gig?

    I think we all are early adopters in the guitar profiling business. So if you buy the Kemper you should know that the product is still under development, and it will be better and better day by day. Maybe the Kemper team should look for an investor (or more investors?) so they could develop the product faster? I don't know? But if I was an investor in the music business the Kemper product would be really interesting :-)

  • I'm not to fussed about an editor. Yep it would be nice but if one doesn't come I wouldn't consider selling my KPA. The USB thing doesn't bother me one bit either it takes about 10 seconds to download a profile and load it so to me this is nothing. I'm glad there is not a software version coming, 1 because this protects my investment KPA are still selling second hand for just a little under new price :) also if there was a software version it would be hacked and just like waves plugins every Tom, dick and Harry would have it, making my investment and the KPA worthless. :(

    I think the KPA team are doing everything right, so carry on guys going in the great direction your going :)

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  • after foolishly renaming 388 profiles manually on my mac and then importing them to find that they had not been renamed (grrrrr, I know, should have read the WIKI etc..) I add my name to the call for a software Librarian/editor...

    I know the team are busy (hopefully with the KFC and other stuff) but the lack of a profile editor/loader/Librarian is a glaring omission at this point.. I'm a massive fan of this box but will be much happier when a Librarian is available as the USB stick thing is very 1996..

    Don't need an interface, we all should have a good interface if you're recording... But a Librarian is a must..

    hopefully not too long now...

    I shall now go and have a glass of wine to calm down... ;-)

  • I rarely chime in on these issues. I really wanted a dedicated foot controller. I bought a Liquid foot +12+ and couldn't be happier.
    I agree with Raoul23 about not wanting a software version.
    But I do find it very frustrating without an editor. I was an axe fx ultra user. I'm not a tweaking guru but when I do spend time on something I found the axe fx editor very helpful in creating and sorting through presets.

    I love my KPA. I love the tones that I can achieve. I love the profiling ability. I love the feel.
    I need an editor/librarian.
    But if I don't get one I will still use the KPA.

  • That's why It's worth the ongoing discussion. It has been discussed but I still see people moving from Kemper to an alternative. And... It saddens me. ;(

    Hey, makes it more exclusive! I haven't noticed it, btw. I still see more people coming this way from the other side(s), as I did 8)

    For the AxeII, an editor is an absolute must. I had it for a year, and dialing sounds without it was a great, big PITA. The Kemper has no editor, but it is still easier to dial than using an editor with the Axe. You have thardware dials at your fingertips and you can turn several simultaneously.

    That said, I wouldn't mind having an editor. Especially when reamping, when I want to be in mix position, and for saving rigs in the project folder.

    A librarian would be very welcomed.

  • Built in USB audio interface would be redundant, Kemper is a professional level equipment and doesn't need one. Librarian would be very welcome, but I can live without it, but I don't download 100s of rigs, I think I've downloaded less than 50 since I've got the Kemper 6 months ago.
    I am sure librarian will happen sooner or later.

  • Hi folks,

    yes, it's me again - coming from new years party. I am hours ahead, we are through already. But, yes your are totally right. If they don't get their sh*t together soon, they will loose - simple as that. The KPA is not a relgion. It's a commercial product, not more ansd not less. It is good. It is very good. But without an editor it will be sh*t as soon another company will arive with the full package. Be sure they are already on their way. So Kempers - we really apreciate, but we can't wait any longer. I refused the AxeFX because it was to hard to dial in the right tone. That's easy with the KPA. But I cannot get a grip on my sounds without an editor. You have to imagine, that I sit at my PC and doing everything there, but the stuff regarding my KPA. That's not ok.

  • Is this one of those 'first world problems'?
    Lack of USB and librarian are somewhat of a nuisance, but it's definitely not a deal breaker. As a guitar player, I want the best tone possible and the Kemper delivers in spades. Give Kemper some time, the profiler is a unit that is still being developed. Librarian is on the way, and audio interfaces are a good investment for the recording musician regardless.
    Loading/auditioning profiles is an inconvenience? Are you serious? Takes a few seconds! Try tweaking for hours on end! I think the sheer number of profiles available is an asset to the community. It ensures you will find the tone you are looking for and some that you didn't even know that you would like.

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