I have to share this with You guys...

  • The background:

    I've had this band (more a 'project' nowadays) for around 25 years, played and laugh a lot, and we are still good friends...
    I've been more active in other constellations over the last years, but it always good to get together with these guys and play.

    Now, the keyboard player and I, we have had home studios for a couple of years and our bass player have always been interested but never made a move until now.

    About 6 weeks ago he texted me for a recommendation for an audio interface, he had at last bought a MacBookPro.
    I recommended a few, then he phoned me up and told me he were thinking of getting a lot of inputs and outputs so we could ditch our old 16 ch Soundcraft mixer and 'mix in the box'.
    Well, I got him out of the idea, but told him that the Presonus StudioLive mixers were possible to get used for quite fair prices and that would solve the problem.
    One week later we (in the band) get an email from our bass player, telling that our new Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 AI will arrive as soon as it is released!!! (Yes, he got an inheritance recently...)

    So today we got together to do a first rehearsal/gear-checkout, so I stopped by a music store where I have a Yamaha DXR10 on order for my KPA, hoping it should have arrived in time for this.
    Sadly, it hadn't...

    So I arrive at our bass player house, were he have set aside a room as our rehearsal room, and when I enter, what do I see?

    Apart from the amazing new mixer... 4 DXR10 speakers!
    And the bass player just smiled, and said: "You said that these were suposed to be good, so I got us a couple..."

    I have to tell You all that the KPA sounded wonderful!
    Trough all 4 DXR's. :D
    Thanks everyone, esp. Ingolf, for Your detailed reviews of the DXR10, it is that good...
    Our keyboard player loved it too...
    And we as band have never sounded better... now it time to brush up on the old songs again... most inspiring.

    Damnit, were is my own DRX10...

    Now Happy New Year every one!