Performance Mode: Edit/save bug when only one performance?

  • Hi!

    I'm a little bit confused about the save when edited the slot on Performance mode. I have read that the edits one makes are not canceled when changing the slots in the _same_ performance, so one can easily compare the slots etc.

    There is a problem when I have ONLY ONE performance:

    • Turn on the Performance Mode
    • Edit a slot and DO NOT save
    • Go to Browse mode
    • Come back to Performance Mode and notice that the edits you made and did NOT save are still present

    Is it suppose to work like this? I can not get my original Performance back since the edits where saved automatically.

  • When you load up a slot and want to compare to another sound, are you moving to the next slot in the performance? That will keep the changes you made in the first slot, then you load up another rig in the second slot and compare the two. Once you jump out of performance mode is when you will lose the changes. What steps are you taking to do comparisons, that will help identify any issues.


  • Yes, but my point on this 'bug' was that if I only have one performance. (Switching to Browse mode and back doesn't do the trick)

    If you only have one performance you just press the Rig up Button to recall the next, empty performance. Then press the RIG down button to return to your 'only' performance. Changes should be discarded.