Gig Ready Profiles

  • Ok all you veterans out there. Firstly, I completely understand and respect the tolerance level some of you have for Noob questions but..... After all of my reading and subsequent failures int getting to a "finshed product", who can direct me to the best resource (that is written in plain language that a mentally challenged guitar player like me can understand) for leveling out the output sounds / volumes for all rigs that will be used for a particular show / session....? I have no problem with adjusting volume levels for stage volume but the front end PA seems to be all over the place (not terrible), I just dont have a strong grasp on the construct of each rig to know where to go as there are several options. My bandmates constructive comments have been based on the different volumes between rigs when switching. Hope I am clear as to what I am asking for. All help is much appreciated.

  • I've only had my Kemper for a month or so, but it seems to me the best way to set the levels for rigs you want for a gig is to load your desired profiles into slots in a performance (a performance is represented by a group of 5 rig slots). Then, adjust the relative levels on the slots by tweaking effect or volume settings. Then, when all the slots are leveled appropriately (relative to each other) save the performance.

    I believe this will allow you to use identical rigs in more than one slot, and adjust the slot's levels independently. So, you don't have to modify the actual rig profile itself.

    Then, during a gig, you can just switch between slots in your performance. If you need more than 5 leveled rigs profiles, you can use multiple "performances".

  • I would suggest turning up your volume and finding the mean rig level either by ear or db meter or both. (I did mine by db meter and then listened) Then go through the other rigs you will use and/or have and adjust the rig volume so that all are at the same level. You should have at worst minimal variations that anyone could deal with after that. It has worked for me. I've tried several options and settled on that method.

  • Thanks for all the good info all, I guess I should try to be more clear on the question. When tweaking a single rig profile, and dialing in to my taste and then finishing it off by saving it at a specific volume level. Then for gig purposes, I want to have say, 5 more profiles available. Lets say I want to use a profile that has already been created and I place it in the second switch on foot controller. Toggle between 1 and 2 and the overall volume is different (noticeable to soundman). When dissecting a single rig, where is the best place to start for volume leveling? Cab, EQ, Master, effects? I know that sometimes even slight changes to and single piece of a rig can have a significant impact on overall sound of a rig. Some of the advice I have found already suggests that the cab is best place to start.I may be making to this too complicated but my head turns into digital distortion when I don't fully understand what i am working with......If that makes sense.

  • Well, the simple answer is use the rig volume knob (the knob labled simply "volume") on rig 2 to get it to be as loud as rig 1. Then save rig 2. That is what that knob is for.

    However, I like to understand and organize my rigs, so here is another approach.
    If we assume rig 1 (your reference rig) is set for a good volume. Which is to say that it is about the same as the average volume of the other factory presets. And rig 2 is not the same volume, I would examine rig 2 to see why, and fix it. It could be an eq in slot x for example that has it's volume turned up, or the rig volume might be turned up. Whatever the reason, if there is something which is just acting as a transparent gain (no change in tone, just volume) fix that to bring it back in line. The reason to do this rather than adjust the the rig volume like in the simple answer, is because you may want to keep parts of this rig to use in anther rig in the future. Like that eq that had it's volume turned up. If you captured that eq as a preset, and didn't turn it's volume down to unity gain, it would always boost the volume of whatever rig you put it in. If there isn't a source of transparent gain in the rig you are trying to adjust, then I typically set the rig volume to the default center position, and then adjust the cab volume to bring the volume in line. That way all rigs have the same volume and the rig volumes reflect this (I like consistency).

  • i would advise you to start with your lead rig with volume at noon or lower if output is clipping.
    then balance your rhythm rigs with your lead at gig level.
    i usually set my rhythm rigs about 5db lower than my lead rig on volume to start and then adjust at gig level later with my band at rehearsal.

    if you do it the other way around you will probably be clipping the output when trying to push your lead rig volume.