Response from KPA support regarding switching times- BAD news

  • Hi,

    first time posting here.

    I understand your point and observation about the switching times; I have compared your video with my Kemper and can't really find anything wrong with the latency. It's fast (almost instantaneous) and the same compared to my KPA; I also compared it with my tube amps, an Überschall and Invader and, there is also a latency when switching channels.

    Perhaps you are just too focused on your perceived issue? I am by no means trying to invalidate your opinion, just a mere observation. Btw, having compared KPA, Fractal and a lot of boutique gear, they all have a latency in switching and especially the tube amps will have a "dip" in volume as different parts of the tubes and board are pushed.

    I know that in this "modern" world of recording techniques one requires absolute perfection but that's also not possible nor human or "analog" :-) Just like quantizing to the grid, there should always be room for more.

    Great song btw!

    Anyways, good luck!

  • Well, when you think of stepping on that button, it takes 17-40ms of latency to think->respond.

    The unit has latency for sure at that point before it pushes speakers.

    Then you hear the result, but it takes your brain 12ms to register hearing the sound waves.

    The shit kicker is it takes your eyes 50ms to respond to what you just saw.

    Given this, it's a small wonder anyone can walk much less play guitar.