Andy's "Fentastic Pack" - who is using it and is everybody satisfied?

  • I'm still looking for great CLEAN profiles, for sure I'm already using several excellent ones, like Armin's '57 Fender Deluxe and Andy's '59 Bassman.

    Nevertheless I'm still looking for more clean profiles with the fanous "Fender sparkle", are there several ones in the Fentastic pack? On the demo I only could hear one clean profile, the rest is crunch or high-gain. I don't need any distorted profiles anymore, I have more than enough. I actually don't like profiles with a Tube-Screamer or other stomp boxes in front of the amp.

    I would love to hear your feedback. ;)

  • I have them. They have the average Amp Factory keepage-on-your-Kemper quota.

    Which is to say, you will keep a higher percentage of these packs on your Kemper than any competitor, should they profile a similar pack.

    Andy has Hits and Misses that are so close, the Misses would be Hits with anyone else.

    He sets the bar, and that makes good profiles fall of the Kemper for need of space.

  • Hey DB thanks for the Kudos, but I'd like to just clarify that there are other vendors out there that always produce great work. - Im the first to admit, that Ive made a ton of mistakes along the way, and some amps I regret doing the way I did.. and others turned out great!. - this is normal when dealing with such large quantities.

    But as said, Im sure other "creators" are equally and in some cases much better than what I can provide. (depending on genre)

    Everyone will have there own tone. if mine agrees with them, then fantastic!.

    To Guenter, sure the cleans in this pack are pretty amazing.. the edge of breakup ones I like most. the good thing about vintage fenders is the older jenson speakers are a better range in the highs, and that's where fenders really shine..I feel awkward for commenting on my own creation. but would rather you have my vision than nothing at all.

    Feel free to contact me if you need any more info.

  • Well having purchased his Marshall toolkit, these 2 packs are defiantly on the top of my purchase list :thumbup:

  • The TAF profiles are just about the best that came loaded in my PowerHead.

    As an added bonus, Andy's work sounds equally as good with cabsim off and real guitar speakers.
    Some profiles sound horrible when used this way.
    Don't know how he does it, but it's awesome!

  • Never had a miss with lower-gain from Andy.
    Haven't bought the Fender packs, but the Fender freebies should show you what he was capable of back in the day, and i believe he's just getting better.

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    stamina requires constant upkeep
    repetition is boring
    and you pay for grace."

  • I'm still looking for great CLEAN profiles, for sure I'm already using several excellent ones, like Armin's '57
    Nevertheless I'm still looking for more clean profiles with the fanous "Fender sparkle", are there several ones in the Fentastic pack?

    I have the "Fentastic Pack" and it is fantastic. I use the Princeton and BandMaster for the "fender" sparkle. For really clean tones I use the Fender VibroKing from Amp Packs 1.

  • I was initially struggling with getting the second pack for having redundancy in the Fender sonic territory. You know, like how many Fenders do you really need, right?

    But what really surprised me about this pack was how great the distortions sound. Typically I'm not a fan of the distortion profiles of Fenders so far, but this pack has a half a dozen or more of my favorites.

    Both packs really showcase a number of tonal deviations, so some of the bled tones when hit with gain sound like Early Led Zeppelin, but the bright toned ones are the sparkle people like in Fenders. And the other pack and earlier Fender profiles of bundles also have these characteristics.

    My initial opinion before the latest pack was "Using a TS or Muff makes NO sense with a Fender if the profiles sound muddy like this" but the TS, Muff and Scream are powerful and awesome in this pack. My favorite parts of the pack actually.

    So I'm glad I got it after all.

  • Bought it yesterday and very,very happy with it! :thumbsup:
    Great Rigs, but a question on these Andy, : allmost every profile gives a red output led, ( fender strat with low output )
    "clean sense are all on +6,6db and all graphic EQ set at +5db, should I decrease it, or is the red led no problem

  • Clean sensi should be set for your guitar, so set at 0 and adjust till happy, then lock it.
    The boost is enabled so you can go ahead an turn that off and lock that too.
    In the red is not always bad it depends if its clipping in an ugly fashion. But with my guitars im always in green/ peaking orange when playing in anger.

    Glad you are happy some wonderful vintage history right there!

  • These are the profiles I missed !!!!
    I bought the pack yesterday and even I already have a whole lot of profiles I like the Fentastic-pack especially:

    - the profiles sound really "vintage" in the sense of warm and rich.
    - the crunch sounds (Push, Cranked) are fantastic and one of the best I ever heard, nothing can beat these old Fender amps.
    - I like 90% of 100 profiles, normally my quote is not more than 10%....

    I also like the used stomp boxes, especially the LazyJ-Cruiser-pedal, very well done and worth every cent. :thumbup:

  • Andy,

    I'm loving the Fentastic Pack, as I have used Fender amps since the '60s (yeah, I'm old! :D). If you ever run across a "blond' bassman... please do your magic!

    I had a couple of these heads (and 2-12" cabs), they were stolen back in 1970... I still miss them. I never replaced them, I started using Deluxe Reverbs after that.

    I would love to have some profiles to ease my misery!

  • Andy already did a blonde Bassman. I think it was in one of his first packs. It's a '62. I know it because I used that profile to have a go on Claptons solo on "My guitar gently weeps". The Beatles were using a '63 Bassman head at that time for just about everything and it is said that this was the amp they had Clapton use for that solo.

    As for the Fentastic pack: I bought that one for the '62 Deluxe. I sold the one I had half a year befor I got aware of the KPA and regret selling it. Andy's profiles in the KPA sound exactely like mine. It's always a matter of taste but in my case Andy seems to like the same sweet spots as I did with the original and even mic'd it the same way with the same types of mic's I had used. Those profiles still give me goosebumps because I know the original so well and the profiles are so spot on.