Appalling fraud and theft

  • I received this private message yesterday from cybermax3d

    I think this is appalling and urge all right thinking honourable kemper fans to do what they can to stop this disgusting theft from people like Andy and Amin who have enriched our lives with their hard work

    I hope the moderators take note and take action

    "Kemper Commercial Profile

    As a Kemper user, you should interrested by this :

    We are a small users community who buy commercials profiles and share them between us. By this way, we can easily try them. Of course, we encourage users to buy profiles they like, and especially, they use a lot. We do not want to kill the profiles creators work !

    Our collection is already huge. You can find the list with this link :…aEE&usp=sharing

    Every profile marked as “OK” is already in the collection.

    To get access to this collection, we simply ask to the new members to buy a missing profile out of the list and to share it with the community. In exchange, the new member receive an invitation the the google drive to enjoy the entire collection and the future next shares.

    If you are interrested in joining our community, .. I will explain you what to do more in details


    Chris Dodge"

  • This is shocking!!! For the small amount of what a profile costs I can't see why people would do this. I can't say about Armins as I don't own any of his profiles but I reckon they are probably pretty good. As for Andy's profiles, which I own plenty of, sound awesome. Not only are the profiles good but the after sales service is 1st class to. Andy is always on hand to help and offer advice via email. For me the service and the profiles are well worth the small amount that they charge. So I certainly wouldn't be part of anything like this and think whoever is are very shallow people!!!!

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  • For the small amount of what a profile costs I can't see why people would do this.

    Well, apart from the pleasure of "collecting items" in itself, which seems to affect many, if you put together all the commercial profiles I guess you easily sum up to around 1,000 $... not bad.

  • I'm sure the guys who make the profiles were aware that this day would come. I hope there is action that can be taken to hinder this type of thing, but more likely they'll just have to rely on the honesty and support of the people who appreciate their hard work and want to see it continue.

  • $1,000 of profiles + the rig exchange = a wasted lifetime.

    just pick and choose your favorite amps and do a lil research and write a review on the ones you buy. others are fun to try out, but you don't have to buy them.

    no reason to give this guy a dime. in fact, those whose rights are infringed might want to consider calling the FBI.

  • The author of this post has been in touch and admitted he was wrong and I hope wants to wind the whole situation back

    He did ask me to remove his email address as he's been flooded by people wanting to join his site, what a sad indictment on a portion of our community

    These guys work hard to bring a new level of excellence to our kempers and deserve all of our support, and quite rightly should be renumerated for their hard work, it is shameful that there are so many out there who are happy to get access to this free through a back door, these profiles don't cost much, and can illuminate our playing and life, it's not much to ask that we honour and respect their work


  • Just to play devils advocate.... Isn't that just in the 'spirit' of the Kemper idea?

    Think. The KPA effectively steals the soul of an amplifier. And we all get to use it!
    I'm not complaining at all about it either... I get to try out sooooo many amps
    the I'll never even see in real life... for free.

    None of my money is going into the coffers of Marshall Co., Mesa Co., Fender Co., ect...

    Plus, they urged people to buy the commercial packs if they find things they liked.
    No different than finding and listening to an album on YouTube where the
    poster encourages you to go buy the album if you like it.

    Not trying to make a stink or anything. I just smell hypocrisy and
    a blurred line of ethics here.

  • You are damned right man!
    What the big amp manufacturers are selling you is not a box with speakers and some electronics
    added but an amp sound.Their endorsers are completing the task using the SOUND and not
    showing some hardware on tours.In this particular case, We the kemperers are commenting
    about impossible copyright.One cannot be copyright owner when he is selling profiles.
    I dont think it is wise to emfatise the idea who is the real copyright owner of an profile and who is really
    breaking the copyright law by SELLING them.Maybe is better to just forget everything and remove
    the topic.

  • Hurts when the shoe is on the other foot. Piracy is bad, no matter what form. It's theft, as suggested in the OP, pure and simple.

    The number of hits on that link is not surprising. People choose to look the other way when they can get ahead by stealing "legitimately".

    I don't think there's much of a case for an intellectual property theft here. They're after all profiles of an existing amplifier. More of a moral issue, methinks.

    As Stevoe suggested, don't have pirated movies or MP3s on your hard disks if you think ripping off commercial profiles is bad. It's hypocritical.

    Communism on the internet, ugh.

  • Beating a dead horse... This subject has been discussed under practically any possible POV (*)
    While the sound of an amp can't be considered an intellectual property, a piece of software can. As a matter of fact, while the market os crammed with clones, no amp maker has ever suited another manufacturer because "their amp sounded like theirs"


    (*) Courtesy ingolf :D

  • I sense this is getting larger than the original issues, but I think they remain the same here

    If someone consciously embarks on a path to invest their time and effort in creating something that they offer for sale, as compensation for that effort, then if other people try and acquire that for free, they are effectively stealing

    The fundamentals of how the kemper works, and what it does, i am sure were covered at length by chris and his legal team before the kemper went public, these amps turn up on millions of recordings we enjoy without the amp manufacturers expecting copyright

    There are thousands of free profiles, but there are guys who overtly, like Andy and Amin, and others less overtly, who ask for compensation for their efforts, and i firmly believe thats fair, and our choice if we want to buy into their work, or not, and I think its simply a just and fair response to honour that if you want their work

    I completely agree that applies to all material like movies and music, the more that is stolen, the less goes back to the producers, and the inevitable consequence is the less that gets produced

    I had Blockbuster as a client a few years ago, and even then they reckoned that 25% of all dvds watched were pirated, think what that does to the financial return to the studios that invest millions in making these films, and certainly as a musician if I publish my work for free, then enjoy it and great, but if I chose to charge for it, as its my livelihood, then that should be respected and protected

    I appreciate my views may sound out of touch with how life happens today, I fear very much a case of closing the stable door after the horse has left the field, let alone the stable, but its how i feel, and try to live, and try to encourage those around me to do the same, not always successfully, but you just have to do the best you can, and live with yourself i guess

    just my pennyworth

  • Once again.. it's your personal morals that count here... it's easy to hide behind a keyboard

    Even some amps that are profiled, are borrowed and then returned.. the Moral conflict won't stop

    There are laws and then there is your personal Profile :) again I state, everyone knows inside what
    the right thing to do is :) and do you stand behind your own words and morals, or do you forget them from time to time

    Enjoy your guitar tones and profiles... I'm still so happy that I can record a Marshall stack on full volume without the neighbors hearing a thing :)

  • Just to play the devils advocate for a while here, what is the actual consequence of this sharing? (Let's skip the moral pov completely).

    Remember when C-cassette sharing was killing the music business? Piracy has existed long before the internet. What it does is make your products more widely known, and works as free grass roots level advertisement for your future products.

    As an example, our EP has been out for under a month and I found a torrent sharing site that has shared it for over 100 times already. Of course it would be nice to have sold 100 copies in two weeks but let's be realistic here, how many people of those would've bought the ep or even known about it? I'm guessing zero. But our next album/gigs/t-shirts might sell a bit better because torrenting made it known to a wider audience. So I'm not advocating piracy, just saying there usually is a silver lining to it.