Introducing Top Jimi Profiles

  • Hi MadH,

    We did do a few profiles with a Boss EQ pedal in front of the '68 to slightly push the front end of the amp, like EVH and George Lynch do/did with their Marshalls. Most of our profiles are just the straight amp, but sometimes we'll throw a pedal in front for a few profiles if it gives a cool tone.

    Some folks appear to have been confused by our statement at the beginning of our videos which states that no EQ or effects were added during the recording of the demos. This is 100% true. The demo recordings are done with just a guitar, a cable, the Kemper, our profiles, and a DAW. No effects added. You'll receive in our profiles packs exactly what we used to record the demos.


  • Would it be possible to know what amps and what profiles for each amp where done using external pedals or EQs? I purchased several of your Marshall amps profiles and honestly I would have liked to be informed about this before hand.

  • That's what I pay a professional studio profiler to do, and I don't have any problem with that. There are so many variables in the chain anyway, there is no "pure" tone of an amp.

  • Ditto!
    I got a taste of it from the samplepack and I'll definitely be getting it when my next paycheck arrives!

    See Jimi, it pays to give out some freebies! :thumbup:

    I'm just trying to be as truthful to my experience and personal opinion that I'm clearly presenting only as a personal opinion no more no less in an honest and truthful discussion about equipment.

  • Been trying to capture the Thin Lizzy tone for a while now, and chanced across Jimi's site. Decided to download the '74 Super Lead as a starting point. Just WOW!! The quality of these profiles is staggering. I'm already 90% there now for the sounds I want. A bit of tweaking and job done :D . I had previously bought a large bundle from TAF, and within that bundle were some very nice profiles, but these have gone way beyond that. When I've finished exploring the '74 I shall definitely be coming back. Although I may be sometime ;) .......... Damn, that '74 SL is amazing!!!