Tremolo // Square Wave tremolo.

  • I can’t believe a square wave trem was something asked for almost six years ago.

    I can see where creating new delays and reverb algorithms would be very labor intensive but changing the waveform from a sine to a square can’t be this hard.

    Maybe there’s a new trem coming that includes harmonic or tube bias styles which would be great but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Thanks for this tip Don - I’ll try it when I’m home. Outside delays / verbs, trem is my most used effect.

    I recall prior to the update last year that a tweak to the legacy reverb was suggested as a means to getting a spring reverb sound. The tweak helped but didn’t really get where it needed to be. The actual spring, when it finally came, was awesome and showed that tweaking only gets you so far vs having a better algorithm for the effect in the first place.

    I am hopeful that the new rig manager / editor will allow users to share tweaked presets that could help users get ‘as close as possible’ for certain things that they’re struggling to get (such as the harmonic then mentioned here). That’s a quick win all round as both factory and community can, hopefully, do some inspiring things with what is ‘in the box right now’ and tips such as yours above will be shareable in ways other than a description.

    In the meantime, I hope that FX such as the trem / other modulations / stomps get the kind of love that the delays and reverbs have had. Delays and reverbs have gone from ‘ok if you tweak them but basic’ to ‘brilliant quality and crammed with creative possibility’. I’ve had a Strymon Flint for years which used to outdo the Kemper for spring and trem. IMO it still outdoes the Kemper for trem but you’ve stolen its crown with the verb update. I am convinced that, if you decided to do it, the trem in the Kemper could outdo the Flint / Mobius for quality and flexibility. Here’s hoping :)