Shame on you, Kemper!

  • Hi,

    Delay in boot time is there to simulate "Tube heat-up" :D

    Joke aside, critisism seems not be appreciate here ... I agree that kemper team did a great job on the device itself:
    - the sound !
    - the quality of the FX
    - most of the stuffs are easily managable through the device UI

    ... But i also agree that the rig manager have huge lack of basic functionalities : ok, it's free but as the OP said :

    - before RM, using the USB stick and the ridiculous slow speed of the USB put the device to another age !
    - RM is fine to easily try a lot of rigs but
    - the search function is awful : unable to filter just on an amp, or cab (like the web interface provides)
    - the way to arrange your rigs is strange (only to sub-folder)
    - performance ??? cab ??? MIDI assignement ... All those things are hard to handle from the device itself
    - MAC release (personnaly, i don't care because, i'm a PC user, but all MAC users must be annoyed by that)

    Lot of people are claiming about a foot controller ... i think there are many things to fix that are more important than a FC (there are alternative solutions that work well)

  • I opened a ticket with Kemper and was told their test machines usually take 60 seconds to boot up as well so I'm fine with that and appreciate the responses I got from the boys in the shop. I've yet to see any vids of a 22 second boot with hundreds of profiles though. 8)

    And yes, the title of the thread should be changed.


  • Boot times are slow but big deal, I do 200+ shows a year with my KPA, if she needs a reboot (which is rare) the audience waits, doubt anyone will ever say they left a good show because reboot times were slow.

    If you're using 2.4 you're missing the true sound of your KPA. Download and install firmware 2.3.3 or wait for the tone issue fix from Kemper which will come eventually. The difference will amaze you, 2.4 sounded like I was playing through a stereo system on quite a few of my profiles.

    Is Kemper perfect? No, but the tone is all that matters to me and they have that nailed tone like nobody else, the rest is stuff I can easily live with.

  • As more I study my KPA it impress me more and more! In fact, some of my imperfect hardware rigs profiled with KPA sounds better on KPA!

    I could not discover any info from Kemper website on possible future hardware update.
    I appreciate if you share your knowledge on KPA official hardware update release.

    My KPA:
    [Blocked Image:]