Problem with loading cab IR's

  • Whats up guys? I just purchased a cab pack from and I can't get rig manager, or my Kemper to import the files. When I try to import to Rig Manager it says "Import failed. Only Profiler rigs can be imported." The pack came with uncompressed WAV files as well in which I tried converting through Rig Manager still to no avail. Any ideas on why the Kemper isn't loading the files?



    Edit: I figured it out. I had to format my flash drive, and it worked.

  • KPA do not support IRs in WAV format. You have to convert them in kpir file using a free tool (cabmaker) downloadable from kemper web site.

    Secondo, for now, Rig Manager do not support cabs. So you have to transfer them using a USB stick (by putting your converted file in the CABs folder)