TAF-Bundle8 Now available!

  • As I said originally, the singles I purchased from pack 8 are on another level when it comes to translating the resonance, feeling, and character of the amps. It's simply on another planet from anything I've tried since purchasing the KPA a year ago. Excellent job Andy! With that said, I do miss some of the earlier TAF packs that had pedals in front of the amps... rare pedals like the Klon. The Evil Robot profile set that had the Klon is one of my all time favorites! Perhaps you could look into adding more value to your product by further diversifying singles and packs. Something like selling vanilla profile singles (no effects/stomps, like the current pack), but include rare pedals and artist inspired tones in the packs. For example:

    Two-Rock Bi-Onxy - 13 vanilla profiles for $7

    With Bundle
    Two-Rock Bi-Onxy - 13 vanilla profiles, 3 profiles w/ Klon, 3 profiles w/ TS-10, & 3 John Mayer inspired profiles

    It's just a thought. I own a small business and I'm always looking how to add value to my services. Little things like this add value to your company, it gives your customers more options, and it's something that your competition isn't offering. Having options like this would push me to purchase packs instead of nit picking through the singles. That's just my honest feedback. Again, amazing work on pack 8, and thank you for incentivizing people like me (aka, non metal heads) into purchasing the KPA. I honestly don't think I would have got one without your work.

  • I do love the profiles with the Klon, if not just thinking of how rare and expensive that pedal is, and I'm playing through one on top of this very expensive amp.

    I need to add up the real-life cost of all the amps profiled in my Kemper. Probably have $60,000 of amps in there.

    Awesome time to be alive!!!

  • I've bought only 1 complete Profile Pack and found that I only used 1 or 2 Profiles out of it regularly. I've also bought a number of single amp profiles of amps I'm interested in. For most of the Profiles, I know almost right away if the amp is going to work for me or if there is something there I can use.

    Maybe there could be a single Profile of each amp in a Pack (ones that you feel captures the essence of that amp) available for download either for free or at minimal cost. That would allow someone to audition each amp in the pack and determine if some or all of those in the pack will work for them. An alternative or extra solution would be to offer a half-pack or smaller subset of the full pack at a lower cost.

    Anyway, my thoughts.

    *Edit to add* The Swart Profiles are great!

  • how about getting the thread back on track? Anyone who's had a chance to play with these latest amps yet, lets hear some thoughts :D

    I purchased the 3 Redplate amp profile singles. I haven't done as much testing as I would like as some mixing work is on the front burner.

    That being said, I particularly like the Chuck D'Aloia Signature III [ CDS3 ] and the Aurora. My #1 guitar is an old Jackson Soloist that is 2 BK singles and 1 bridge humbucker Maricela did for me. That guitar is off having some cosmetic repairs and a refinish by a person who is good with Jacksons. The reason I mention this is no single coils were applied in this particular quick review.

    The guitar I did have handy is a Les Paul with 2 humbuckers. The bridge is a Dragon bridge that Paul Smith was kind enough to give me when I got the Les Paul as a birthday gift from my wife in '91. Point being, the output is on the hotter side and not a good match, I tend to think, for a Tweedy amp which seems better tailored to a Tele or Strat, and maybe a low heat ranged PAF style pickup. I only mention this as pickups really matter with some boutique amps and some vintage amps that have a particular character and some guitars that are a little hot can push an amp built for a Tele/Strat/ Gretsch input and frequency range just get a bit overwhelmed when pushed too far and too fat...

    The Aurora and CDS2 have no such preference to my ears and remained "tight" even when pounded on the front end. YMMV and don't take a short review as gospel. ;)

  • My Kemper counter says :
    currently , 588 out of 687 rigs are TAF
    90 % of those 588 are commercial TAF's.

    My favourites are Fairgain , Watkins and Hayden, all 3 are almost unkown amps , but with mystique , 3D tone , simply the best for me.

    Thanks Andy , keep with the good work and excellent service .

    I do expect from you to be first to do the Dumble , and rise the bar again .

    Also, my respect to all of the rest commercial and non commercial guys , there are some killer stuffs as well.
    Healthy competition is good for everyone.


    Tom Andersons guitars >Kemper>QSC's and/or JP Le Roux amp and Mesa Cab

  • I don't understand any negative discussions here, without Andy and Armin my KPA would be very, very poor...

    Nobody is forced to buy commercial profiles, but for me the Kemper-presets and 99% of the RE profiles don't have the same quality. And I don't have to spend several days of my life just to download and try them.

    Andy's profiles are getting better and better, I especially like his Fender bundles (Fender Toolkit and Fentastic) and a lot of different amps ('59 Bassman, Dirty Shirly, RedPlate CDS3, Fargen, Evil Robot, Cornford Carrera and more).

    After buying two single amps from pack 8 (CDS3 and Fargen) I will buy the whole pack.

  • OK, if you do nothing else this weekend, do yourself a big favour and buy the Redplate CD3.

    Stunning cleans and I love the pushed profiles! It's also ridiculously quiet with no noise gate. How does that work? No idea but I don't care.

    Great work Andy :)

    I agree with that a 100% !!! Just played CDS3 Tweed2 and CDS3 Crank3 for hours, incredibly good profiles (the whole CDS3). :thumbsup:

  • I bought the whole pack today and I'm totally happy with it, I didn't have the time to go deep into it, but I already love -besides CDS3 and Fargen- the JMP1, Aurora, Majesty and Maz 38 Sr. (I'm owning one, too). All profiles sound really well, seems for me the best TAF-pack until now.

    What I like: the pure, authentic amp-sound without eqs and tweaks.

    I immediately fell in love with the Marshall JTM1, what a pure and dynamic sound !!!

    Thanks Andy for this great pack, I know there's a lot of work behind it.... :thumbup:

  • Hi Andy,
    I purchased the Two Rock Bi-Onyx and got confirmation of PayPal payment but in my purchase history is says "Payment Status is...". I am not able to download it in my purchase history as I've done before with previous profiles. Also noticed the website was responding slowly when completing my purchase. Please advise. Thanks!

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  • Hi jammer.

    Indeed our site has been on half speed for the last week, it has seemd to effect some people more than others, the reason is we have been backing up the data, ready for the move to the shiny new host. That is happining as we speak. Apologies for the delay, we can sort this out asap for you.

  • Yeah, 1 extra amp with 9 more profiles.

    The singles have 126 profiles and 12 amps.

    The Bundle has 135 profiles and 13 amps.

    Typically Andy gives a % off for those who are customers, but this time he didn't and said there was a reason for it. But if you wait for a Holiday, there usually is a 20% off if you can wait.