Suggestions for a backup rack unit for my Kemper with effects?

  • I'm looking for suggestions on what to add as a backup for my Kemper and also additional effects with Kemper in the loop. Unit would need to sound decent as a modeler, as transparent as possible and also have good quality editable effects. Mostly looking to assign delay time to an expression pedal and for some great reverbs. Have owned a GSP1101, not a bad cheap alternative but delay time is not assignable. Could get an older Axe FX I guess but wouldn't this make me a hypocrite? lol Scared of Line 6, never liked them but it's been a few years since I used a POD. Just looking for ideas, maybe I'm missing something out there that might work. Not above getting 2 separate units either. Thanks for any input!

  • I had great experiences with the Pod HD 500. Built like a tank. Good amp/cab & effect models. Great archiving and editing software. Some folks I know use it in the EFX loop with their Kemper to add things it doesnt have. Though I dont know that it could be thought of as a backup since its sounds vary a bit from what the Kemper offers.

  • I use my Digitech GSP1101 in my rack with a power amp for a backup and the Control2 footboard to switch channels on my Kemper with the GSP1101 midi out. If the Kemper went down, I'd just switch over. The Control 2 works great with the Kemper and only one cat5 cable!!