Can i use both of the main outputs at the same time?

  • Yup I do it all the time, I run both XLR's to the board and the 1/4" to my stage monitor. You can link them all or just one of them to the master volume knob as well. I just use the master volume for my stage monitor and leave the main output volumes to the FOH guy. I've run one side of the main outs to the board and the other to my monitor when my 1/4" to XLR cable went down one night.

  • Think I totally missed what you were asking lol. I don't think you can. I will test it out when we are setting up for our show tonight. I can only try one side (I don't use stereo live) but it should answer it. My guess is that the xlr will override the 1/4" outs.