• Hi,

    I'm from Holland and totally new here. I'm very interested in buying a Kemper but don't know all the details yet. I have 3 amps and that's it. What puzzles me having a Kemper is how to get an original ampsound/tone. Is it walking with a Kemper into a big music store and kindly asking the salesman if he can assist me in copying all the amps brands in his store and then leave the premises....? I don't expect he will enjoy that. Another example : I hear a great guitarsound on the radio or on tv and I want that sound. Is this possible too? Or am I thinking too simple?
    So how it works anyway? :huh:

  • Probably not the area for this post.

    That said, profiling is just like mic'ing up an amp for recording in a studio. So no, you can't just walk into a guitar store and profile their amps.
    The profiling process is LOUD so that would be a no-no. Typically you either borrow a friends amp, or book studio time and record their amps.
    Additionally, you can just purchase (a lot cheaper than studio time) commercial profiles. A la TheAmpFactory,, etc.

    As to getting a sound of a guitar "on the radio" it's more like, you find a song you like where the guitar is solo so you can isolate just the guitar.
    You need "Tone Matching" software, typically VST plugins like Ozone Izotope, and learn that in conjunction with using the Kemper's profiling capability through it.
    There is a learning curve there, a double one. There are also commercially available Tone Matched profiles, and also by request, at Pete's Profiles.

    This process is simple, but doing it well takes an experienced ear and often decent equipment (nice preamp, quality microphone if you aren't using just an SM57)

    That said, there are TONS of free profiles available, over 4,000 so I doubt you'd need to do any of this yourself, or could do any of this cheaper than buying professional.

  • Hi db9091,

    Thank you for your reply (and I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong area!). I guess I need doing some more research on this. It's quite new for me. Until now I used all tube amps and modeling processors and fx units (with their advantages and disadvantages).
    BTW I saw a youtube in which the profiling process is shown. It doesn't however sound as a loud process. (it's more sounding like a background white noise...). Example:
    Anyway, Thanks!