Issue with 1 PROFILE ONLY since I updated to 2.4.2 from Public Beta

  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar or had any insight into an issue I'm having?

    This morning I updated my Kemper Powerhead with KPA_Operating_System_2.4.2_svn9817_Release from KPA_Operating_System_2.4.1_svn9785_Public_Beta.

    Upon doing so I noticed one profile I use a lot, namely GRS 5150 II LD 15, sounds fine for around 4 seconds then it sounds as though the treble rolls off and sounds very muffled. Imagine someone suddenly stands in front of your cabinet with a very thick block of foam!

    This happens at 4 times out 5 when I switch to this profile.

    It happens with any rig I have set up using this amp profile, but say GRS 5150 II LD 10 or another profile created by the same user same amp doesn't have the issue, which will probably have been a profile made in the same session maybe only minutes apart.

    I have rolled back to the Public Beta and the issue is gone, works fine. Upgraded again to 2.4.2 and the issue is back. I have played through a few rigs in my Kemper and this profile seems to be the only one suffering this issue?

    Any ideas?

  • Well somehow its resolved it's self. Not sure how but it has.

    I loaded up rig manager with the intention of finally cleaning up the rigs in the amp. I had nearly 700 and they were starting to give me lag whenever I used the browse knob to scroll for the first time after a boot up.

    Narrowed it down to around 500 and the lag was gone but then syncing with rig manager was looking to take around 30 minutes, I read into this and followed the advice regarding deleting the database files etc from within the local profile on my laptop.

    In the end I un-installed Rig Manager plus all its files databases and folders left behind on the laptop, updated to 2.4.2 Release again reinstalled Rig Manager fresh and did the power up to Browse Mode with the RIG button held in till it finished booting to an initialised rig and there you have it problem gone, re-synced again from scratch in rig manager all is fine. :thumbup:

  • Right a quick update.

    The issue IS NOT resolved but I have noticed it only happens on the speaker out to my cab. Listening through headphones at the same time the sound doesn't change. Still only that profile and any rig created using it. I've as suggested deleted that profile and re downloaded and the issue still there. I give up haha.