After more than a year: first profiling session - Yamaha DG80

  • For those who are not familiar with this amp, it's from Yamahas first generation of modeling amps.
    I bought it in 98 after trying all the other digital options at that time, and the Yamaha won hands down.

    It was developed with Alan Holdsworth as a 'consultant' and he used them until Yamaha stopped producing them.

    The motorized knobs on the front made it to the most user-friendly amp ever!

    [Blocked Image:]

    I've been using it as my home rig, but it's not been used since the KPA arrived...

    So I thought it would perfect for me to train my profiling skills on.
    I might be able to get my hands on a friends Matchless amp and I'd like to have done some profiling before that...
    And I might bring home my live rig, a H&K Switchblade stack, to profile. But it's a bitch to transport...

    I realized that I didn't have my SM57 at home, so I used a AKG D550. This one is originally designed for bass instruments, but I remembered that I once had to use it live to mic a guitar amp and were quite impressed of the result.
    And I think it did a splendid job of translating what I heard in the room to a KPA rig.

    I've only done 3 profiles so far, one of the Clean 1, Clean 2 and Drive 2 models of the Yamaha.
    They are on the Rig Exchange now as "JM DG80 ...".


  • Indeed Ingolf, it has one of the best clean-to-slight-crunch sound of all the older modellers (and even some of the newer too).

    The combos weakness is probably more due to the semi-open cabinet and one speaker. It gets quite blurry when upping the volume and distortion...
    One thing I don't understand why more amps have, is the Hi-mid and Lo-mid controls. Since most of the 'character' of the guitar revolves around here, this is great tools to shape the sound.

    I did a couple of more profiles today, three from the crunch models and one from the Lead2. They are on the Rig Exchange now.