KB profiles,whats the story?

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    I agree with Meambobbo : there is no way to share tweaks. I think this is a reason that the kemper FX are under estimated! Take any rigs (free or commercial), add a bunch of fx (eq, chorus, pitch,...) , eventually change the cab, and you can get tottally another sound. Are Many hours of tweaking less valuable than a profiling session. IMO, i do not think so.

    I'm not sure this is correct.

    I have to tweak the sound for the pickup I use it with for my Suhr. And it is hopeless to use a rig tweaked for the Suhr with my Ibanez 2630. Or maybe I should say that the color of the sound is so different from what I aimed for in the tweak.

    I even think that the PU used in the profiling session determines what PU it should be used with in order of not to be too woo-ish or too treble-ish.

    For a long time I played live over a setup with 2 Tech21 PE 60 with greenbacks. Then i changed to FRFR and none of my tweaks worked as they were ment to after the change.

    I do believe that a tweak is for at least the guitar and the breakout and hence the sharing of the tweaks is not that importent.

    Because it was tweaked for something els.

    I came to this conclusion when I had a rig swap session with a friend. He has a Suhr with mid-boosted Michael Landauer PUs while I have a model with the line of Suhr PUs they used before. And we simply could not use each others tweaks.