Kemper into Acus One 8 anyone?

  • Hi everybody,

    I will play in a new band - and they are playing lot´s of weddings...
    so there´s a big acoustic set and then party set.
    I will go into the Kemper and direct out to the P.A. with both, acoustic and electric guitar.
    But they have InEar´s and that´s not possible cause of trouble with my ears...
    I have a very good monitor (fbt stagemaxx, very pleased!) but wanted to have a better solution on stage, because of the huge acoustic set.

    My other bands are acoustic set´s aswell, so I thought of spitting the signal again - the acoustic guitar into an acoustic amp: I thought of the Acus One 8 - with outboard effects and preamp (L.R. Baggs and boss effects, everything is here already, works perfect) -
    and the electric guitar of course to Kemper and P.A.

    So... if I want to hear the electric guitar on stage: is it possible to go to a good acoustic amp with the monitor out? Anyone tried this with acoustic amplifiers like Acus, Schertler, SR, or other brands?

    So tell me: is this practical?

    Best regards,
    Mario from Bavaria

  • Modern acoustic amps are really just small full-range amps/cabs with a built-in tiny mixer and a few effects, i.e. a micro-PA. Any such unit, provided that it has line-in, will work fine with the KPA. I've had success with acoustic-amps from FBT, Fishman, Marshall and Trace-Elliot. There is little difference between acoustic-amps, keyboard-amps and a compact-PA other than the visual design, wrapping and marketing.

    Edit; was thinking only of a direct reply to the request, and forgot how I use the KPA myself which is higly relevant here:
    Btw, the other way around works fine too. I don't own a acoustic amp myself, but play my acoustics through the KPA and its attached monitor and/or FOH instead. For the acoustics I either use an acoustic profile, or bypass the amp/cab and only use the EQ and effects I need. I use this for steel and nylon acoustics as well as acoustic bass, resonator, mandolin and banjo. As Ingolf has mentioned (below) you may do just fine with the KPA and the monitor you already have.

  • I have to o fess I got lost recently about acoustic profiles.

    Did anyone kept themselves updated with a list of profiles meant to be used with acoustic guitars and those meant to simulate an acoustic guitar by using an electric one?
    Here's where a "Comment" field in the profiles or in the RE should be profitably used.

  • With acoustic instruments it is usually preferable to have an accurate representation of the instruments own tone without amp/cab colouring. Whether I use external microphones or built-in pickups I prefer to use the direct signal for FOH. An acoustic amp for me represent amplification for practise or stage monitoring, and that it may double as a DI-box for FOH. A good acoustic amp is FRFR and doesn't color the tone. Profiling such an amp is thus a zero-sum game. Through my KPA I mostly use rigs with amp/cab-simulation turned off, with just a touch of EQ and/or effects where necessary, for my acoustic instruments.

  • The other idea was to put the Kemper electric guitar signal into one channel of the acoustic amplifier and the acoustic guitar directly to it into another channel.
    So the "DI out" of the amp will only need One channel on the mixer...
    Perhaps it will work fine...