Thanks to user Allen

  • Thanks Allen !

    the Boss AC-3 profiles brought a smile to my face :thumbsup:

    I use to have one of this , and the profiles reminds me a lot about it.

    no , it wont turn your electric into an acoustic, but more like an ovation :rolleyes:

    the KPA is an amazing piece of gear.


  • Don't mention it.

    I noticed a couple of requests for it and so profiled it. I only got my profiler 2 days ago so it was an excuse to try out the profiling. To be honest, I'm not quite happy with the results. When comparing pedal to profile there are some differences that I wasn't sure how to dial out. I think I could have put together a better rig with a bit of reverb and chorus, but I thought I'd leave that to everyone else.

    I appreciate the thanks!