How to build rigs from the scratch

  • Hi guys,

    been using the kpa professionally since may this year and i think it's great.
    The thing that makes me nuts is the vast amount of presets.
    I use to scroll through the presets, looking for an amp that suits my taste and modify it to my needs.
    That takes ages. I'd rather choose a model (AC30/Deluxe/JTM e.g.) and then start from the scratch.
    How can I access the raw profiles rather the edited presets ? Keep the amplifier/cabinet button pressed ?

    Thanks and sorry for the ignorance.

  • the core concept of the Profiler is to play a digital version of a real, existing, individual amp instead of trying to bring character to a rather bland, generalized model of unknown origin.

    to get to the raw, as profiled amp, you can try this:

    - disable the Stomps and Effects (you can even lock that globally)
    - use the RigManager to search the amp type
    - once you found an amp you like, you can save it as a local preset, that you can quickly access with the Browse knob when in the Amplifier section

    - the default values (meaning: as it was profiled)for the Amplifier section are:
    Power Sagging 0
    Pick 0
    Compressor 0
    Clarity 0
    Tube Shape 3.3
    Tube Bias 0
    Direct Mix 0

    for the Cabinet section it's all four parameters at 0


  • Thanks Ingolf and Don for your responses and sorry for not having introduced myself in my first post !

    I am a full time musician for over 20 years playing all kinds of genres and sideman for mostly national artists.
    I used to have (and still have) AC30ies (one HW and one 1970'), a 1974 Bassman top and some amps of a croation custom builder.
    A big pedal board with different distortions and fuzzes, delays and whatnot has been used and changed regularly.
    So my preference is more Vox/Fender/ Marshall kind of tone.

    So I know what i am after. My question is which path in the menu I should follow without having to audition millions of presets.
    I will try to use rig manager, how Don said. Does the KPA automatically load what was chosen in the rig exchange ?
    RM is still no editor, right ? Sorry for asking again.

  • RM is no editor but you can preview rigs very fast by dobleclicking
    As for your love of the AC 30, I also have an AC 30 HW and an AC 15 Heritage.
    Check the Morgan AC20 from the Rig Exchange first, this is a really awesome profile.
    Also I find the stock AC profiles very good.
    Feck has some very good AC profiles on the RE as well (strandedonaplanet is his profiler name).

    There are also lots of commercial profiles that might appeal to you.

  • Hi Ortega67

    With RM you can double a profile you want to try and it's automatically loaded in the profiler. If you like it save as a preset if not try another one. With the RM it's way easier and faster to change or scroll through the different amp models. The RM has also an indicator for the gain used for the rig. It helps to sort out the to much or to less distorted rigs without loading them into the profiler.