Automatic detection of different guitar input levels and automatic optimized input and output settings

  • Many of us have different guitars with different pickup outputs. I would like a feature that automatic detects the guitar input (by strumming and playing) and optimizes the KPA for the guitar. It should be possible to store a list of guitar setups/calibrations and possible to change these during a gig.

  • It already does store different input sensitivities for different guitars. It just doesn't do it automatically is all.

    I have at least 6 different input setups that I use across about 15 guitars. Once you setup an input for a guitar you can save it (using store) to an input profile name that can then be browsed and recalled using the browse knob on the input screen. You can either 'lock' the input so each input profile you store will apply to all your rigs or you can store it with individual rigs.

    This is particularly important when reamping via SPDIF as is is critical to get the clean DI "git" output level set correctly to get the right results when reamping the DI track back into the Kemper (one of the most awesome features of the Kemper in the studio actually).

  • Kemper has introduced Clean Sens in order to overcome a limitation in traditional modellers... would be funny to consider removing it as a step forward, unless we just talk of easiness of use :D

    Well, traditionnal modelers don't have any clean sense at all, I think the OP didn't speak about removing the clean sense but adding a sort of intelligent clean sense automatic detector. 8|

  • Adding that function would imply eliminating the need for a manual control, wouldn't it? And my point is there's a need for it :)

    CS is meant for the instrument to not clip the input, among other things. The user has to tell the system "look, this is the strongest signal from this guitar, make it not clip the A/D converter".
    Any attempt at automating the task would require a device always listening to the input, because the Profiler would never know if what it's sensing is actually the strongest signal.
    Even if it was automatically set, the user would need to enter an "auto-sense mode" or whatever, which TBH doesn't seem easier or faster to me :)

    From the wiKPA:


    They (CS and DS, NdA) are input volume compensation settings. Other digital amps with presets also suffer from the same effect; that is, the volume of clean and distorted sounds suffer from volume differences, depending on the guitar you use. But they have not a global solution.
    These controls are necessary on the Profiler because we offer the volume compensation for clean sounds. That means when you turn the gain to zero, you get a fully clean sound at regular volume. You could not do this on an analog guitar amp. But if your guitar itself is loud or soft, the clean sound would become too loud or soft. This is what you level with Clean Sens. It took me a while to create this.

    HTH :)

  • Adding a parameter to switch through the User Input settings remotely (with a MIDI CC or from one of the new foot pedal inputs on the forthcoming KFC?) would be another way to do this.

    Or - just standardize the outputs of your stage guitars enough to not need Input changes. but keep them different enough outputs for their individual personalities to come through. If Jimmy Page could use both a Danelectro and a Les Paul Standard live through one rig, each Kemper Rig can do it, too ;)

  • Basically agree, but the whole issue arises with digital devices only :)
    CS has been designed to give us more versatility, not to limit us!

    If one doesn't care about volume compensation, and wants to recreate the Jimmy Page feeling, they can just set CS so that their hottest guitar doesn't clip, and forget about it :)