Effects Loop Sound Quality Bad?

  • Hi All,

    Anyone else notice the effects loop is "dull".
    I run my Roland GR-55 synth through the stereo effects loop in the back, but just as an aux input.
    However, I would like to use the effects loop post stack so I can toggle it on and off at 100% level to essentially kill the guitar signal and only the synth will sound for little horn parts and stabs.

    The synth sounds 100% normal when running through as an aux, but when I use the stereo effects loop it sounds extremely dull and like a blanket is over the synth.

    I am running the current beta 2.6.0 firmware.

    I did have the same problem with previous firmware as well.

    Does the effects loop have a buffered effect to it?

    Anyone notice this/ use it this way besides me?

  • It's because the loop is in fact placed before the cab in the signal flow, contrary to how one would expect, looking at the front panel. It makes sense in the real world, as an effects loop in a tube amp would be placed between the pre and power amp, before hitting the cab of course. I made a thread about this a while back. The only solution is to use the Return input as auxes, I'm afraid. It would be nice to be able to choose whether it's pre or post cab in a future firmware update, but you can't have everything, I guess...


  • i use a T.C. G-Force for dely and reverb. run it trough the FX-Loop. the mix have to stay at 100% if not the sounds become quacky. Its quite a big volumedrop when i use the effectloop, but input signal on the G-Force is very high! dont quite understand it. I am used to play on tubeamps with FX-Loop, and the behave a bit different.
    Maby its unnessesary to use it, but i dont find that reverb and dely that i am familiar with on the Kemper! its too boxy and not as open as i want. The dely is too defined..not organic