Amp factory fender bundle question

  • Hello all, which of the two Fender packs is the best? I'm hoping for something in the league of Britt. Also any other suggestions, as I'm looking at pulling the trigger. PS I already have the boutique pack.

    However, in looking at the site I also see bundle pack two is really nice. With so many apps to choose from. Would this be better then the fender pack or has anyone had any experience with the profiles quality in that bundle?
    please keep comments to the fender packs and the bundle pack two.

  • Hiya

    Well I can help you here. - Fender pakcs (Both of them are differnt) - The Toolkit is in the same method as the Marshall pack. so Ive taken vintage fenders and profiled the amp in many positions, then switched cab / or drivers and did the process all over again, so you have 3 different cabs per each amp, this offers a Hugh twist on the sound..

    The Fentastic pack is differnt once more, its again vintage fenders but just classic ones (and famous ones including that of Roger Waters Floyd bassman, including some bass rigs too)

    For me, they are my holy grail. this is what I use pretty much daily, I cant pick a fav out of the two fender packs though, as they are both as good as each other.

    Bundle pack 2 is great too, but its quite a way off from fender packs. however it does have a LOT more versatility. - but depnds what you need/want out of a pack.

    Fender packs, Brilliant for clean/low/med gain..Country/blues
    Pack 2 Great for all around (but not metal really)

    Wish you well.

  • The Fender packs are great as well as bundle 2. Bundle 2 is what I brought the day I got my kemper and there are some really great sounding profiles in there I would advise buying both ;-)

    I would love to and will probably eventually, but I just bought the boutique pack and the stuff is not like buying gum.

  • Excellent Fenders there, yes!

    Here's the thing oozish. The human mind has evolved to whittle choices down to the best between 2 choices. That doesn't mean that or they are the best out there. Just your current choice from what's available at the moment. And that choice changes over time with your changing moods, ear fatigue, guitars, project needs, etc.

    Andy love his Fentastic. I love his Boutique. But what you love can't be told yet. So approach this from your current need/desire and choose the amps based off that.

    There is no "holy grail" in TAF land in-and-of itself. That is only a definition you will put onto a profile when it suits you best.

    Put another way, there is no absolute measurement of profile quality. It's always a personal and subjective measurement that some will always disagree with. Proof: Look up Sgt Pepper's reviews on Amazon. Some people give that album a 1 star rating, lol!

    TAF Profiles are Tops in Profile-Land. It's not like you have to only choose one. You can eventually choose all. Just order them based on need to find those most useful to you.

  • I picked up the Fender Toolkit and I am loving it! Great profiles, a little to no tweaking needed. I have to say, it is worth picking up Some TAF, MBritt and others profiles. They are a cut above and make the difference! Cheers to all. Happy Holidays!