Two questions about KPA and pups

  • Happy thanksgiving

    1 since acquiring the ClR I hear my guitars are very similar with certain rigs even tho pups are totally different (hi gain rectifier or 5150)?

    2 also noticed on other rigs, pups/guitar make a noticeable difference to a guitarist but not discernible to a non player?

    thoughts or your experience/anecdotes

  • 1. It's is nothing new. Some amps bring out more of the tone from the instrument than others, and some amps colour the tone beyond recognition regardless of what signal you feed them. A profile that seeks to emulate such an amp would obviously behave very similar. An amp or profile operating at the edge of breakup will reveal even minute differences between almost identical pickups, while a completely saturated distorted sound has almost nothing left of the signal from the guitar other than the basic frequencies in the tone.

    2. Some pickups are better than others at picking up details presented as smaller changes in the magnetic field, and the whole signal chain may amplify such characteristics. This affect things such as sustain and feedback which are of great importance to the player and his/her technique, but much of this is hardly noticeable to many listeners.

  • I had have the opposite experience: all my guitars sound way different from each others :)

    Wha I noticed instead is that many clean amps sound the same!

    PS: anyway, check if some rigs have a dry portion of sound bleeding in ;)