I miss my pedals... how do you get the pedal sounds?

  • Hey there,

    i really miss some cool pedals as i had them in use before the Kemper arrived...
    So i tried out a lot of GreenScream ones in my rig´s, but they never sound the same as real one´s did.

    I really like the sound of the Kemper itself, never will use another thing live...
    but perhaps you could tell me, how you get the best sounds of pedals in the A B C D places...

    I only use "C" and "D" for pedals... there´s always a tubescreamer-like and a boost.
    The boost works fine, therefore i have some EQ´s, which do "soundforming" and boosting aswell.

    I had some really nice pedals, which i cannot get with the inside pedals of the Kemper (always used one once):
    a Xotic AC Booster
    a Suhr Riot distortion pedal
    a Suhr Koko Boost...

    So: how do i setup/program some pedals inside to get Kemper to have this pedals in the front of my amp in the Kemper

    Best regards,
    Mario from Bavaria

  • Just profile with those pedals in the chain, then they will,become a part of that profile.

    Alternatively there are some settings posted by Christopher and others both in the presets for each pedal and on this forum if you search that shoul match the qualities of various specific pedals.

  • You can also take the road that many have taken and simply use some of your favorite pedals with the Kemper. It "takes" pedals as well as the amps it profiles.

    I'm personally looking forward to the release of the Fractal FX8 so I can get what I see as the best of both worlds.

  • I have found with both sets of pickups I have used with my Kemper (Alnico pro II and SD Black Winters) that the main culprit for making the Green Scream sound 'fake' or too boosted was the definition parameter in the AMP block. Most high gain amps had this profiled/tweaked to 10 - dropping back to 5-5.5 and then using the GS as normal yielded much more usable tones.

  • i guess you can use your pedals with your Kemper! i use my G-force in the FX loop., it makes my signatursound and i am not satisfied with the dely and reverb from the Kemper. I don't use much other effects, but boost,chorus, flanger and tremolo is ok in the Kemper stomps for me.

  • I find the Kemper stomps seem to have more gain than the real life counterparts so if you bring the gain right down you will get those sounds that you may find hard to achieve otherwise. I really like the stomps. Have replaced my muff and rat with them.