Bogner Helios 100 profile using Two Notes Torpedo Live

  • Hey guys, new Kemper user here. I also own a two notes torpedo live and decided to try and use it to profile some of my amps. I didn't do my experimenting or tweaking to try and get the profile perfect. My initial intent was to see how realistic a profile sounded and how convenient it could be using the Torpedo. For this particular profile I ended up using a two notes IR of a Engl 412 with vintage 30s and a royer 121. When I have time I am going to try and use some IR's from Ownhammer and try mixing mic's in the Torpedo Blender. Like a sm57 and a ribbon mic like Michael Britt does. I use his profiles for live gigs and the sound and the feedback from soundmen is fantastic. The beauty of the Torpedo Live is that I did this profile at 1am with my family sleeping upstairs. Essentially, the profile was made in complete silence using headphones. Check out the Helios 100 profile I uploaded to the exchange. You can search "Helios 100" or my name "Robert Wedwer". Feedback would be appreciated. Keep in mind, I usually dial my amps a little darker sounding for gigs, so this profile is how I had the amp set the last time I gigged it. I am not looking for feedback on the tone as much as I am on how realistic the profile sounds using a speaker simulator.

  • Torpedo is a great product. I had one 2 yrs ago when they first came out with that version. I really liked it and sometimes miss it. However, if I need any of its goodness, I have the WOS III plugin for this.

    Still...without a tube amp these days, I wouldn't have a use for it.

    I'll definitely take a listen to your profile!

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