Clean Strat

  • I have some nice sounds for me LP, that plus the KPA are getting along like a house on fire.
    With the strat it's not so great. I'm after a clean sound but not too thin and not full of bass to make up for any thinness.
    At the moment I'm just getting either weak and tinny or too beefy (after me playing around with the sounds that is)
    Clarity and power I need, maybe like early Eagles?
    Any free profiles out there that will do the job?

  • I'm sure this is a "you're not finding good profiles' question. First of all, there is a lot you can do to tweak even so-so profiles. Remember to start using the amplifier section and even the cabinet section to spruce up bad profiles, not to mention your basic eq; I use a compressor and slight pure boost on all clean channels as well.

    However, the biggest thing is you probably need to do more work finding good profiles. I might suggest:

    68 DualS'man Vib9
    Orangutan V4 10bl by Feck (and more!)
    And44's free fender profiles
    PACO MATA FUCHS Clean and HARLY EL84 10:00

    There are many more.

    For pay I would go with andys' (TAF) Fentastic pack, just got that and it's full of great sounds, but also Top Jimi really has some nice fenders too (super/deluxe)

  • Paul, it's a Mexican Standad strat, I have tried using beefier tones and turned down the vol pot.

    Ooozish, yep, bunged a compressor on and tried various tweaks but always open to suggestions for a better sound
    I don't want to try changing cabs at the moment as I'd like to keep things simple but if there is a sure-fire combination I'd be up for trying it.
    I'll have a look at the suggested profiles but pretty sure I've already tried them.

    Thanks guys,

  • <p>Have you tried an o.d. Or TWO, like g.s. Plus mouse etc. w the gain near zero ,and vol. Midway ?</p>

    <p>I have an old Strat w very low wind pup,s and have had excellent success using a Jan Ray pedal w the Kemper.</p>

    <p>There are lots of killer profiles for Strat but just to name a couple.</p>


    <p>62 Deluxe cranked</p>

    <p>Evil Robot.</p>