Early Zeppelin

  • I have been interested in how Mr. Page got some of his early sounds for a while now. Over the years I've read as much as I can find on the subject and I know he has not specifically revealed many of his secrets. It seems obvious he did use a small amp on many of his early songs. It sounds small, but is engineered very well into the mix as they say. I've tried a few old Silvertones, Airlines and the likes over the years and some of them sound cool but just seem to small and not jangley enough. These are as close as I can get to a vintage Valco here in Texas without paying up. So I have been trying different things to see if I can get the "jangle" ( best term I can come up with at the moment) that is in Houses of the Holy. I've been using my Univalve multi tube capable amp to try out some weird configurations. Today I tried 2-12aty's as the preamp drivers into an old KT88. For speakers I used some old Webers but changed the result into something that fit the sound I was looking for a bit better. I think this is close but this profile is the most sensitive I have made to the guitar used and the cab selected. I always though he might have used a slightly cocked was on this song or some pair of pickups out of phase but this profile has that sound without that. To me and the guitar I am using its close. This profile is probably not that usable but its fun to use on old Zeppelin. Its labeled Univalve - Holy House.

    I also put up some H&K switchblade profiles. Its a cool amp and I'm still playing around with it.

  • I would love to try an old Supro 1624T but as I understand it, there were four versions. Most of the ones out there are versions 3 and 4 and those apparently do not have quite the tone that the first two version do. No to mention that they have gotten very expensive. I am thinking about building one.

    I am going to redo that particular profile tonight. I tried it last night and it was to bright. Its a weird profile, much more sensitive to the guitar than most that I have done. I've learned that I need to be patient on these profiles. Your ears can get tired and you think you have a good sound, but when you come back a day or so later, its not what you though ti was.

  • I've been using TAF's Supro for this sound. But I'm gonna check out yours for sure!

    I read in a Page interview a few years ago he said he also use a Vox Super Beatle and still had a few because they were cheap on the market (SS preamp. I read someone complaining that you have to unsolder a bunch of wires just to get at things so it's not popular with those who fix them)

    But at this point I wonder if Page remember what he used or is intentionally have big joke on us. I've not studied the issue but some report roadies saying he humped a few dozen amps in to early album sessions so maybe they are mythologizing too.

    In the end, I listen to the recording and use an old amp and my ear dial it in.

  • I tried them out - really liked the H&K with all the gain. The Zepp definitely did have that vibe, but I agree it was a bit bright. Of course it's one of those tones that you build up in your head a lot but when you actually listen to it, it's a bit nastier than you remember. It still has plenty of charm though, and of course it's Jimmy Page playing, so it's gonna sound pretty awesome even if the amp is broken.

  • I've been using TAF's Supro for this sound. But I'm gonna check out yours for sure!
    Me too, I also had a Supro 1624T (Reissue) Amp and sent It back to the store. A really great amp with one sound that nails Zep on the wall (with a Tele + LP). Then I bought the Kemper, the TAF profiles are very authentic!