MAB Advanced Reverb Release 3 + 4 - Rigs

  • I have uploaded my latest advanced reverb presets. See the link below, or check out the Rig Exchange. The readme.txt from the link below is posted here to explain...

    (this contains all the worthwhile presets - for the earlier release see here: Advanced Reverb Presets)

    10/22/2015 update - added a set of demo rigs from ToneHawk Studios!! with some new presets and my selection of favorites - only 10 profiles to try out. Lean and mean!!!!

    == Introduction ==

    Hello, meambobbo here. Here's my latest round of advanced reverb presets (release 3+4) - I trimmed the fat and made some new ones, as well as organized them more logically (IMO). Some of these are rehashed from earlier releases, but may be refined a little bit. There are several types of presets, with the number behind each type indicating the variation/verion. The higher the number, the more recently it was created.

    This release contains a rig pack, which uses 3 profiles, based on a clean Fender Super Reverb, a high-gain Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+, and a mid-gain Marshall JMP-50 with a Nobel pedal in front, made by GRStudios, DJEMass, and ToneHawk Studios respectively. Different variations of the presets were applied to one or the other depending on context. This allows you to quickly demo the presets without having to necessarily import the presets or rigs. These contain the abbreviated reverb type and variation in the rig name in the following template (MAB T#) or (MAB+T#) for the M/B IIC+ profiles.

    == Notes on Tempo ==
    If you press the Rig button and browse to page 2/4, you'll notice that you can manually enable/disable tempo, set the tempo, and lock the tempo settings. These presets mainly use the Analog Delay which has its delay time manually set per preset - this is necessary for each preset to get its designed sound - if all the variations are using tap tempo instead of the programmed delay, they may sound bad tone-wise and/or time/mix-wise. Make sure tempo is locked and disabled, or if unlocked, make sure you are loading the rigs I've provided as opposed to simply loading the effects presets. If you are loading the presets onto existing rigs, double-check the rig to make sure tempo is disabled BEFORE loading the preset.

    There are a couple rare presets that do use "Tap Delay" instead of the Analog or Free delay types. These are the only cases where tapping your tempo matches my design philosophy for that preset.

    == Types (Effect Preset Name, Shortened Name on Rig) ==
    Bloom (MAB BLOOM, MAB B) - These use high-feedback delays that are brightened using the Delay's tone controls to build up the tone over time. The reverb has a "bloom-like" quality to it, where it takes a second to reach its peak bright resonance, then darkens as it decays.

    Lead (MAB LD, MAB L) - Relatively basic delay/reverb settings designed to get a lush reverb sound but with a short enough decay and low enough mix to work for faster lead tones, rather than ambient tones.

    Particle/Glass (MAB PARTICLZ, MAB P) - These use (generally) brighter tone values and the delay trails are designed to be somewhat distinct/audible, although they are strongly "washed" by the reverb. Creates a cave/spacy/glassy, particle-type reverb.

    Room (MAB ROOM, MAB R) - Just kind of adding a few reflections to a room reverb.

    Shift (MAB SHFT, MAB F) - Combines various reverb techniques with a variety of pitch shifting ideas. Some of these sound a lot like a pipe organ if used with a very dark guitar tone. Some get synth-like "Nintendo" sounds (MAB+FL for leads and MAB+FR for rhythms). Mostly for fun over real-world use, but can work well for sound-scapes and minimalist playing.

    Shimmer (MAB Shmr, MAB S) - Here the delay trails aren't completely washed by the reverb, or otherwise have a noticeable high-feedback echo to the sound, leaving a lasting presence "underneath" your current playing. Assigned the Delay's feedback to an expression pedal, or toggle the Delay on/off with a footswitch to gain full control over these presets. Also, "ST" means that the Delay is linked to the Tap Delay, unlike the others, so you can mess with its repeat speed.

    Spring (MAB Spr, MAB N) - Going for a "spring" sound on these.

    Swell (MAB SWELL, MAB W) - These were designed to produce giant reverbs based on using volume swells into single distorted notes; however, they can also work well for "washes" on clean tones. They use very high delay feedback and reverb time to get a very long-lasting resonance.

    Verb (MAB Verb, MAB V) - These are what I was formerly calling Shimmer tones - they are basic lush reverb sounds, created by using short delay trails into a full wash of reverb, with various tone and delay feedback/reverb time tones.

    Wash (MAB Wsh, MABv Wsh) - I separated out washes and swells - the swells seemed too strong to strum on. These also use a compressor post amp to prevent things from getting out of hand volume wise.

    Random others - there are a few I didn't feel like characterizing.

    == How to Install/Load/Save ==
    This time I've included a number of rigs/profiles, that can be loaded from the Rig Exchange or from the files using Rig Manager, same as you would load other rig packs:

    === Finding Rigs from Rig Exchange using Rig Manager ===
    # Open Rig Manager and click the Rig Exchange item in the left-hand menu.
    # Type "MAB" in the search field in the upper right corner of Rig Manager.
    # You should see lots of rigs named "GRS FSR 06 MAB T#" and "MB IIC+NEW2 MAB+T#" where the T# at the end represents the verb type and version number. See the Types section above. These are the rigs with the presets applied.
    # Highlight the rig you wish to demo. Double-click it, or press spacebar to load the rig to your KPA.
    # You can also import the Rig into your KPA by click-dragging it onto the Profiler item in the left-hand menu.

    === Installing from Rig Files using Rig Manager ===
    # Extract zip to your local computer.
    # Drag and Drop Files/Folder into a local folder in Rig Manager (if you don't want to use "Local Library", you can right-click that folder to create a sub-folder).
    # Double-click or press spacebar when highlighting a rig for Rig Manager to load rig.

    === How to save Effects Presets from Loaded Rigs ===
    # Hold Effects button on KPA. It should be blinking and the display should show all 4 effects.
    # Press the Store button. It will prompt you to store the effects presets or full rig. Choose Effects.
    # Edit the Effects Preset name so it is what you want. By default, it will likely appear as "Effects Presets". Clear that off. I use "MAB TypeVersion" as my template. Example: "MAB BLOOM3".
    # Press Store Again.

    === Quickly Applying Presets to your Rigs from Rig Manager ===
    # Find the demo Rig I've provided on the Rig Exchange with the effects preset you want. Load the rig.
    # Hold Lock and press Effects to lock the effects on the KPA.
    # Load your rig that you want to apply the effects to, either from Rig Manager, or using the Browse knob.
    # Press Store and either Replace or Store As.
    * Remember to unlock Effects when you're done!

    === Installing from Files using USB Drive ===
    # Extract zip to your local computer.
    # Place rigs in \Shared\Rigs\ on your USB drive.
    # Place effects presets in \Shared\Effects\ on your USB drive.
    # Remove USB drive from computer and connect to KPA.
    # Click 3rd button above display on KPA - External Storage
    # Click Import/Export. Choose Import.

    === Loading Effects Presets ===
    # Hold Effects button on KPA. It should be blinking and the display should show all 4 effects.
    # Turn the Browse knob until you've selected the preset you want to load.
    # If you have auto-load turned on (below button 4 on display), then you're all set. The preset should have loaded when you highlighted it. If auto-load is off, press the load button (button 4) after highlighting.

    == Special Thanks ==
    To @GRStudios, @djemass, and @LanceKonnerth (ToneHawk Studios) for allowing me to use their profiles to distribute the demo rigs.

  • I would also advise everyone to check out paults 's shimmer (and really all his awesome effect) profiles on the rig exchange. His shimmers arent really effect presets alone but use parallel paths with compression on the direct side, so you get the pure clean tone and a really thick shimmery verb swelling in behind it.

    Also see the ck reverberator profile. Toom some inspiration from that for the latest shimmer verb presets

  • The next stage of this project, which in asking for community direction for, is to identify redundancy or useless presets that we can remove to keep this simple. Also let everyone know what your favorites are and what can be expanded upon. If your needs arent met, i think we should try to do some requests as well.

  • Hello MB,

    I've been trying lots of your presets from the RE, and I'm very interested in the way you set up the balance between verb & delay , this is really a subtle combination. I appreciate your science here :)

    I locked my own amp & cab in order not to be distracted by the tone while switching the rigs and there is lots of goodness here, I will sure keep some of them as presets, while I lowered most of the verb mix since I rarely use very long ones. Each preset can be thought as a new instrument to me since it changes the behavior of your play so much.

    I really appreciate the room variations , and the lead verbs, shimmer are really interesting and that's a cool way to add some ambiance to a track.

    I'd love some more presets based on other verb gear (spring,eventide,plate...). I know Don emulated some of his own verb like he does with the whas. Some other classic settings room and hall variations would also be appreciated.

    Anyway, thx for your research,again.

  • These are great, loving some of the new Shimmer and Particle verbs.

    I was originally using MAB SHIM LD for a lead tone rig, I went through all the new presets and settled on MAB LD3[/b] as my favorite. Low and behold this must be the new name for MAD SHIM LD as I checked the delay/verb settings and they were the same as I had stored in my previous rig, is this right? If so nice to know my ears are working haha.

  • Waraba, i cant really emulate any other gear as i dont own any. Basically i just listened to the strymon big sky demo and tried to get stuff as close as i could to some of those sounds, but i wasnt a/b-ing or anything like that. So you could say these were "inspired" by the strymon big sky, lol. Of course theres lots of reverbs the big sky can do that are outright impossible here.

    I do have my pod hd still, so i could see how close i can get to its spring reverb...

  • Found a mistake. Not sure what happened but Vrb5, Vrb6, and Vrb8 all had identical settings. 6 and 8 will be removed tonight. I made 2 new ones to replace them, with what i feel are the best tones ive been able to get. Im using the 1:4 ratio on the delay with time around 500 ms now.

    I also was thinking i always just used the micropitch in mod and left x open for whatever you want, but micropitch is very subtle the way i dial it in, especially for clean tones. Im thinking of changing everything to a tremelo on x and air chorus on mod, so you can quickly add extra lushness and shinmeryness to every preset. Thoughts?

    Im also thinking of trying to cut out some junk so each reverb type has only 5 presets max, with more varied settings. Many of the current presets are only subtly different - some you can only tell in headphones.

  • Fabulous stuff!! I've barely scratched the surface but am loving these sounds! I love the idea of cutting down the number of each type plus keeping at least the air chorus on mod, nice idea. I look forward to your posting when that task is completed.

    Thanks for all your very long, tedious, but probably highly enjoyable work. Great documentation too, thanks for all that you do!!

  • I went through them all, would point out that the three following are the only tap delays: V4, ST, W3. you could ammend your naming convention to include the T in the two above without it already for consitency. These sound great. Thanks so much! This thread helped me better understand how to better setup your rigs with tap disabled and not locking tempo...

  • Thanks for trying them out! Yes, i think i should rename the ones you pointed out for consistency.

    Did you find the tap delay ones sounded better than the others? When you tapped a time, did you use a fast, medium, or slow tempo?

    Were there any stand outs otherwise, good or bad?