Kemper Customer Support ROCKS!

  • I just want to say how happy I am with Kemper Customer Service, my sick amp shipped out to Dallas just a little over 2 weeks ago and was back on my doorstep today.

    I know a few other companies that could take a lesson from this kind of customer service.

    Great Job Kemper, now hurry up and release that Foot Controller already would ya ;-)

  • i would like to chime in here and say that the customer-service offered by kemper ist among the best, if not THE best i
    have ever had the privilege to enjoy, and that's NOT an exxageration, not by a long shot! my story:

    roughly 2 weeks ago, my kemper died on me for the second time within a period of about 2 months, with the same symptoms.
    having been extremely satisfied the first time around already, i already knew that there was nothing to be worried about.
    what i didn't expect, thoughm was the fact that the very next day after emailing the company that the device had to be repaired again,
    i received an email that they had already consulted with their specialist on my case (their exact words), and that, unfortunately i would have to
    send my beloved KPA in once again (which i already figuired, of course, but still, very nice and prompt reaction on their part).
    plus, and that is the amazing part to me, the very same day, about an hour later or so, o get a call from the head of service department himself,
    APOLOGIZING for the inconvenience, explaining to me that this was most unusual and that, without me even asking for it, they were condisering of replacing
    my unit altogether, should they not be able to root out the failure this time altogether.

    is that amazing or what? when is the last time you had the head of any service department call YOU and apologize for the inconvenience?
    for this fact alone, i would always by a kemper amp again, if if this unit would totally break down on me, explode in my face or whatever.
    with service as awesome as this, you will never ever have to worry about anything in regards to repairs etc.

    i am most pleased with my overal experience, is the least i can say!