Have amps, will profile the Quick Rod: Lets make some profiles...

  • In this episode we will profile the Splawn Quick Rod.

    The amp has two channels, clean and overdrive, I will focus on the overdrive channel unless someone wants some clean profiles.
    The OD channel has three gears or modes, and it has a footswitchable OD-1 and OD-2, so that's 6 different tones without even touching the tone controls :)

    I made some profiles with each gear and both OD-1 and OD-2, all at two different gain settings. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what the amp sounds like so you can come up with some suggestions to improve the profiles.

    I used the same cab and mic's as where we left off in the BE100 thread, it just seemed to work good.

    Please check them out and make some suggestions on how to improve them or to simply tailor them to your own personal taste and we will make some more profiles.

    The profiles can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aip…OiBkFXJZQ8Y3wEnuTTha?dl=0

  • Oh yeah!
    Looks like i've got an interesting afternoon ahead of me.

    Thanks again for all the hard work, Tim! Those Friedmans were spectacular and i promise to be even more of a pain in the a** this time around - i love Splawns.

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    stamina requires constant upkeep
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    and you pay for grace."

  • Tim for president once more time! thanks and thanks and.. :)

    I have tried these set of profiles and at the first moment I prefer those with lower gain and I am really impressed how increasing power sagging on these lower gain profiles works!! try it!.. higher gain sound to me a bit I would say "sandy".. cannot found another word in english to describe my perception of those.. at the moment the best to my ears sounds QR12-3P1B1M3T1OD1 but with power sagging at full 10 and clarity increased to cca 2.2

    ps: it seems that the combination of chosen mics and the position you use when profiling is minimum very good if not excellent!

    pps: in the cab section is tagged Friedman DS.. but it should be Carvin, right?

  • Tim, I have to hand it to you. Over the years I have heard lots of Splawn Clips and only really liked one. It was from Micheal E on the gearpage. So I downloaded these last night. The very first one is amazing. Sounds like the very best juiced up JCM800 I have ever heard. Gonna use this at the next gig for sure.

  • SO I went through these. Definitely some of the better Quick Rod profiles I have tried. I will say, they are a little dark but I am listening through headphones. I'll put some volume behind them to get a better listen.

  • Finally got a chance to try them.

    Contrary to the BE, where it was pretty close to begin with, these need to be much, much brighter to even start appreciating them.
    I could tweak them to a manageable level, i think, but as it stands they all sound very similar, simply because they are this muffled.

    I'd try the 57 on-axis, and crank the presence.
    EDIT: just saw in the readme that this was on-axis.
    Maybe bring the treble up on the Audio-Technica channel?

    "But dignity is difficult to maintain
    stamina requires constant upkeep
    repetition is boring
    and you pay for grace."

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  • Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback but unfortunately I got the flu this weekend and it kicked my butt so I haven't been able to try anything with the QR. But please keep the suggestions coming and we'll see about improving these QR profiles as soon as possible.

  • Hey Hallan, thanks for catching that, yes, you are correct, it should have said Carvin. Sorry about that, I tried to go through and change all of the tags but I must have missed that one.

  • Tim made over 100 profiles last week. I think we all know he isn't human by now :)

    Anyway, i played with the cabs a little - the first gear is a little too loose for me, but the Friedman fills the plexi-ish gap perfectly for me.
    The second and third gears both have a lot to offer when the cab is replaced (either with one of your BE cabs or with a Mesa cab that was profiled with a Splawn Nitro).

    There's some great character there. Just needs EQing.

    "But dignity is difficult to maintain
    stamina requires constant upkeep
    repetition is boring
    and you pay for grace."

  • I demo'ed some of these this morning, but I think I was very confused about what I was doing. The files I have say QR12 or QR3 - I was assuming QR3 is gear 3, but confused about gear 1 vs. 2. I guess I should have been looking at the first number after QR12/QR3, which I thought was a Gain setting. Hopefully my feedback is meaningful...I wanted to post while fresh in my head.

    First, yes, they are all quite dark. My new rule of thumb for bass is to get my palm mutes about as loud overall as the same unmuted notes. I found I was usually turning the KPA's bass knob down to about -3 (or 9 o'clock). Then the tone really came out. On some I also added a smaller presence and/or treble boost. As is, the profiles are usable, but I fear most would pass them by on a first impression. It looked like Bass was set to "1" - I assume that means 1 o'clock. I think we could go as far down as 9 o'clock. Maybe in the next round we can sort that out - try 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock on maybe 2-3 different gear/OD settings. I don't feel like we need to test them all because we already know they were all dark at all the gear/OD settings. But I'm curious to know if lowering the bass will cause other changes in the tone to occur...

    I found the QR3 ones that used OD2 very dark, not just EQ-wise. I tested all 3 of the ones provided. QR3 1 and QR3 2 were better about it, but QR3 3 was unusable IMO. Even when dropping the bass down, I found the tone just didn't have any bite. It was thick and nice, but too squished and liquid for my tastes - similar to channel 4 of a Diezel VH4 AFAIK. I really didn't care for this tone at all - even QR3 1 and QR3 2 seemed completely outshined by the others.

    I'm guessing I was using Gear 3 on the others? QR3 3... OD1 was my favorite. QR12 3... OD2 was my 2nd favorite. QR12 3 OD1 was nice, but it seemed a bit weak in comparison and is a tone probably better handled by a different amp? I don't know - I would have to spend more time on it. But my first impression was that those first two I just listed were VERY good - very aggressive but saturated and clean distortion. Like a boosted JCM 800 crossed with a 5150.

    Next chance I get I'll reevaluate what the profiles actually correspond to on the amp and post some clips. Prob not tonight tho.

    Overall, these profiles are very good - I'm very certain we have another epic @timowens success story on our hands.

  • I have uploaded the QR session two profiles.

    Most of you have said the the first profiles were too dark and I agree. So, I tried a couple of things to brighten them up. I tried raising the presence, I tried raising the treble , I tried raising both the presence and treble at the same time, I tried moving the SM57 mic to the edge of the dome and I tried raising the treble control on the AT4040 mic to 0dB.

    Please check them out and let me know which method worked best, or maybe it will require a combination of all three, who knows?

    The profiles can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qxb…e0qX8hMHg2ViJycmTVka?dl=0
    If any of these are getting close to what you like or if you have any suggestions on how to improve them please let me know and we'll give it another go. Thanks!