Navigation on multi-paged threads

  • Is this forum supposed to work like this:
    When clicking the title of the thread on the subcategory listing page, there is no saying which page of the thread is opened. At first I thought this is because of some sort of caching but even the threads I've never opened before may open to page 2 etc...

    I find this irritating. Is this a bug on forum or is there some sort of setting for this? I would so much like the title of thread to always navigate to the very beginning of the thread (1st page, 1st message) because that is IMO the common behavior of internet forums. The page number links are the for users to navigate to certain page.

  • I think I figured out how this works. Every single time I visit the forum, the last visited timestamp is updated, and when I click the title of a topic, it is opened showing the FIRST NEW message SINCE my last visit. Ok, so far so good. I understand this. But that makes no sense when browsing to a topic I never opened in the first place.

    Example: I browse a subcategory and see there is a new topic, but I do NOT read it. Lets say there is 24 message in this topic (=2 pages in total). Then I came back next day and then there is 10 more messages (=3 pages in total) in this topic. So if I now open this topic by clicking the title, it open straight to the message #25 on the second page. That I found weird since I never read the topic before. The very first message of the whole topic should be shown because that is the first new message FOR ME, don't you think?

    Maybe this could this be fixed?